Namco Crisis Zone - Gun shaker motor voltage

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    • Namco Crisis Zone - Gun shaker motor voltage

      Hey everyone-

      I’ve got a Namco Crisis Zone uzi that I am trying to wire up. Inside there is a shaker motor to provide the force feedback. Looking at the schematic (attached), it is not clear what the exact input voltage is.

      I see there is an 18v transformer, presumably 18v AC. The voltage enters a bridge rectifier and then gets smoothed out by a 22,000uF super cap. I am *guessing* the motor runs on ~18v DC (unregulated). Before I fry a rather expensive motor, I wanted to see if anyone knows the voltage, or has a cabinet they can take a measurement from.

      thanks for any help!
    • Zebra wrote:

      Time Crisis recoil guns use a solenoid, not a motor. There is no guarantee that it's the same psu.

      motors usually have a name plate which states a nominal rated voltage and amps. Check that first.
      This. Somewhere you should have the data on the motor with voltage and amps. If its missing I'd check google images to try to get eyes on the data. That'll give you the exact answer