Can I convert Football Champ (Taito F1) into something else?

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    • Can I convert Football Champ (Taito F1) into something else?

      Hey there,

      I'm aware Taito F1 boards share more or less the same hardware, and some of them have extra chips to add different capabilities, such as the TC0480SCP used in Football Champ, Dead Connection and Metal Black.

      Football Champ x Dead Connection PCBs look almost identical, and sometimes even the GAL numbers match. Some eprom sizes are different (so I guess I'd have to arrange a way to overcome the memory addressing problem), but other than that, my "research" has come to no conclusion.

      I googled all I could, and I couldn't find any guides or information that could lead me to an actual conversion.

      So, my question is: has anyone here actually DONE this? Is this possible? I'd like to have my Football Champ converted into something else (preferrably a shooter) by xmas, so I can gift a very good friend of mine. :thumbsup: