N64 Dual Controller Adaptor project help request

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    • N64 Dual Controller Adaptor project help request

      I'm looking for someone with the skills to assist with a Nintendo 64 controller project. Feel free to PM, or send a contact for someone who might be able to assist.

      I'd like to find a solution that would connect 2 x N64 controllers to the Player 1 port, which would then allow for 2 x sticks to be used at the same time, with the stick on controller 2 mapping to the controller 1 'c buttons'
      At the moment, there is a Game Cube controller adaptor that allows for dual sticks, but I'd much prefer a dual N64 pad setup.


      RARE incorporated a 2 x controller option within Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, but there are plenty of other First Person Shooters that would benefit from this, along with other games like Sin & Punishment and Bangai-O off the top of my head.

      Funds will of course be paid for all the work involved :thumbsup: