IMSA Racing on the 3DO M2 - new control scheme

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    • IMSA Racing on the 3DO M2 - new control scheme

      fun fact is that Studio 3DO licensed the driving handling and physics engine from Hard Drivin’, one of my favorite arcade racers of all time (for nostalgia reasons. Gotta love those jumps!)

      for the longest time it was thought that you have to own an expensive (one for sale now for 1K on eBay) prototype control pad to get out of the cockpit camera views. But with the Ch Products flight stick for the original 3DO, you get full X/Y analog controls and enough buttons mapped for the full camera controls.

      Having chatted with some devs, apparently the flight stick was the controller of choice for testing M2 games, as the prototype pads didn’t get finished till late in development.

      my plan next is to start editing the config.bat file that handles the entire control scheme for the game. Things like handling, acceleration, etc etc. try to get it controlling better. The pain is I need to burn new cd-r’s to test each change ;(

      Just a fun bit of dev history