Nintendo Super System Arcade restoration

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    • Nintendo Super System Arcade restoration

      Hey guys,
      Thought i would show off what i am working on at present...
      I am in Melbourne Australia so this is pretty rare in my country

      I bought a NSS that was converted to a Area 51

      It was pretty straight apart from the gun holes on the front side

      so the fun part begins
      The restoration

      I had the PCB and games and two sets of controllers so it was a given i track down one of these bad boys..
      so i started to pull down the cab, it actully comes apart in three pieces which is awesome cause this bad boy is super heavy.
      Out came the Glass, monitor bezel, CRT Tube (Phillips) and chassis WG K7000 and then the mini marquee holder and top speaker shroud with header insert
      They will be sandblasted and restored in hammertone like original.

      There is a massive steel foot rest at the base that weighs a fair bit and was a night mare to pull off
      This will be sand blasted then powdercoated black again for years of use ahead

      This thing is honestly so heavy ive put some heavy duty castor wheels on it so i can move it around without doing my back in.

      Here is the mini marquee holder and header and speaker shroud.

      running some smooth JBL speakers these are great ill keep these

      Mini Marquee holder with all pins and brackets in tact. have ordered new perspex for holder cards and copied worn out original will look brand new again.

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    • Next was the control pannel
      This wasnt to hard to remove heat gun and she all came off. then sanded and primed in black paint ready for the new overlay.

      New overlay installed

      now to find some controllers to suit
      i had 4 different ones so id make the best pair out of the four

      took apart and made the best set cleaned and adjusted all microswitches and perfection

      Now its time to do the body and artwork next ill keep everyone updated
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    • Some more progress today.....
      started pulling apart the base and sanding

      as i found once i started that there was several layers of paint over the years this thing has been coated :)

      original grey paint...then blue...then red and finally black so four coats

      its chewing through the sanding discs

      looking good now.... ready for paint first remove the coin door and fill the gun holes in the front..
      Stay tuned

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    • Hey guys,
      Been crazy busy over the xmas period so back at it now....
      I managed to got the top half sanded back and ready for side art. The cab still has its original Nintendo ID tags too which is sweet i will be able to save them.
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    • New

      got the base completely done now
      Base sanded and primed now painted
      New t moulding installed and pcb and new meanwell psu also. Control panel added and bam she’s half done lol
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