Captain America and the Avengers - Data East - Issues

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    • Captain America and the Avengers - Data East - Issues

      I recently Acquired an Untested Captain America Board (Data East) and it has an odd issue I haven't run into before....

      Upon Boot Up, you get greeted with this sort of Diagnostic Screen.

      The Frame Counts up, the Wait Flickers 13AB while everything else stays at Zeros. There is also a slight Graphical glitch that makes all of the characters slightly shift, then go back to normal.

      I've checked all EPRoms, and continuity from the Edge Connector.

      I will have access to my Scope and Probe in a few days, but was curious to see if anyoen has seen anything similar on this type of board so I can know where to start. Thanks!

      EDT: Appears to be stuck in a Debug Mode - But nothign on SW 3 Dips seems to do anything.
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