Darksoft Custom SH-2 Garbage Screen

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    • Darksoft Custom SH-2 Garbage Screen

      Hey all,

      Finally getting around to setting up the my CPS3 again after years of it being in storage (in a closet). When i bought this game, i got it from an arcade that was closing up shop and selling off everything. Got it for super cheap, with the only caveat being that i needed to remove the PCB from the cabinet myself. When i got there the game was working perfectly. Played a few games and shut it off to take it out. Did that. Got home. Hooked it up and powered on and got the garbage screen. At the time i didnt read too deeply past the cart is suicided. So, i sent it off to mitsurugi-w to get the superbios installed. I got the Custom SH-2 + SuperBios version

      Now I'm thinking maybe it was, maybe it wasnt suicided. Because that was probably 4-5 years ago and I never got around to hooking it up again even after I got the superbios in the mail. It's just been sitting in my closet until about 20 minutes ago when i decided it was finally the day to hook it up again. Popped in the cart (was tough to get it in the first time I tried), checked my voltages on +5 and -5v (5.05 and -4.9v) and 12v (12v) and flipped the switch. Got garbled garbage screen. The same screen i got when i assumed my cart was suicided so long ago.

      I then disconnected everything and took some alcohol to all of the SIMMS, popping each one out, cleaning and reseating. I noticed one simm (SIMM 6) may be a little iffy, one of the contacts is very slightly corroded. That shouldn't cause this though, right? I also reseated the game again (this time was much easier). Ive read around and some are saying that it can happen from a dirty cart, but this cart was literally in the bag sealed and never opened.

      Whats up? Should I try reseating the cart a bunch of times? Can I do this while powered on?

      Here's some photos of my board and what i get when i power on.
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    • Thanks guys! Hopefully this thread helps someone in the future! Also @Darksoft man you are a legend. Really appreciate all you have done to keep my favorite game alive in it's original form. My kids will now be able to enjoy these games the same way I did because of you and your work.
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