Lindbergh,noir,vewlix control panels are they all compatable

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    • I know that Vewlix will accept a a Sega Astro/Blast/Net City panel, it will also accept panels from Egret II/3/AWSD. These panels will have gaps on the left and right sides, but Taito has a panel kit that includes little metal plates that fill int the gaps (not really necessary other than visual appeal).

      Electrically I believe the Vewlix has the same panel wiring as the Egret II/3

      Sega Panel Wiring is different but that Same panel kit with the finisher plates also includes a Sega Panel Harness Adapter. that will convert the Vewlix/Egret II wiring to a Sega Blast City/Net City wiring.

      There are additional holes for another panel type on Vewlix, though I don't know what panel they're for. I don't own any Lindbergh or Noir panels so I can't say if they'd work or not.

      I currently have a Sega NNC panel in my Vewlix F using the official Taito Panel kit to fill the gaps and adapt the harness.
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