Problem with buttons registering on Brook UFB / XBox360/Jammaizer

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    • Problem with buttons registering on Brook UFB / XBox360/Jammaizer

      Ok, i'm pretty sure it's probably a really dumb thing that i'm overlooking but perhaps you guys know it - i'm completely new to the Brook Universal Fighting Board and the MC Cthulhu, so i don't really know what i'm doing wrong.

      Atm i'm trying out the UFB with the Jammaizer by @Arthrimus (great product btw) and my Xbox360. but i can't get all buttons to work, button 5 and 6 to be precise.

      The Jammizer is connected to my Blast via Jamma edge and cps2 Kickharness, when i use the button mapping functionalty of the Jammaizer i can see from the LED that all 6 buttons are working. I mapped them p1-3 to button 1-3 and K1-3 to buttons4-6.

      The Xbox now recognizes the following buttons:
      p1 - x(blue) p2 - y(yellow) p3 - RB
      k1 - a(green) k2 - not working k3 - not working

      On my normal unmodded arcadestick for the x360 the buttonlayout is the following
      p1 - x(blue) p2 - y(yellow) p3 - RB p4 - LB
      k1 - a(green) k2 - b(red) k3 - RT k4 - LT

      Any Ideas you guys, not having the b-button kind of sucks on the x360...

      Thanks for your help guys ?(
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