Coin Service is not working

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    • Coin Service is not working


      I just bought a CPS2 Multigame arcade from Darksoft on my last october.
      I made all the adjustments required (solders, ...)mand works fine!

      However, if i try to use the coin switch (which works finein any game, it doesn't work with Darksoft board.
      I just retried with my System 16 and another CPS2 Darkstalkers Original board and works fine.

      is there some solution? i hate to use freeplay mode
    • Different A board; However, if I switch the A board with the Darkstalkers, the problem persist!

      The A/B board that I used for the darksoft mod was a SFZ2 that works with the coin service during several months.
      And during my darksoft modification, I touch only in the Game Board.

      Weird huh?
    • So if you put darkstalkers on your multi-a-board, it coins up? I don’t think the multi itself really has anything to do with the coin-up ability. It’s more or less just a rom-cart. My guess is if you reinstalled SFZ2 roms on the b board, it too would now not coin. Maybe you have a solder blob or cut a trace somewhere.

      Does service button give it a credit?

      Only suggestions I can think of are to check for bent pins on the multi and also on the connection between the b and a boards. I’m honestly surprised the a board isn’t handling the coin function entirely but I’ve never traced it out.

      If you can trace the coin button from the A jamma edge to the b board, here’s the wiring diagram from there:…VA7-mJ8i6F27lmk/htmlview#

      Maybe someone else will have some ideas too... or at least someone knows which pin connects coin from A to B. I’ll take a look when I get back home if nobody else chimes in.
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