Question regarding monitor fans for Vewlix Black Diamond

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    • Question regarding monitor fans for Vewlix Black Diamond

      Just curious if anyone knows if there are fans built in on the monitors that are in the Vewlix Black Diamonds? I did not see any but I did not take the monitor out and didn't know if there were some on the side of the monitor I am missing. And if there are fans built into these monitors does anyone know if they are as absurdly loud as the ones installed in the cabinet?

      I ask because I was going to replace the four fans in the cabinet to quite it and I had read in another thread that some of the monitors that come in Vewlix's do have built in fans that are also very very noisy and wanted to know if the 1080p monitors also had the issue of very loud built in fans.

      Edit: Sorry in advance if I put this in the wrong section. If so please let me know.
    • Just to update in case anyone has the same question and misses the other threads like I did. After some further research it does not appear the monitors in the Vewlix Black Diamonds do have fans. I have not taken the monitor out to verify but from what I read they do not. I will just be replacing the fans in the cabinet with Noctua fans like others have suggested to quiet it.