The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

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    • The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

      Hi everyone,
      Now that the S16 multi kit is due to start shipping soon, I have asked the team to share some details on the initial setup!

      Congratulations on your purchase of the System 16 Multi! Now that you have your kit, or even if you haven't yet received it, where do you go from here?

      Before we begin:

      - This guide assumes that the S16 motherboard you are using is currently fully working with non encrypted CPUs
      - No information on modifications to your motherboard aside from installation of the reset wire is or will be included
      - Windows OS will be required to run the ROM conversion tool

      You will need:

      - S16 Multi ROM board
      - S16 Motherboard with non encrypted 68000 and Z80 installed
      - EPROM Programmer compatible with 27C322 and 27C080/801
      - Temperature controlled soldering iron (for reset wire)
      - 14x 27C322 and 1x 27C801 EPROMs (if you did not purchase these with your kit)


      - S16 Multi Rotary Selector

      Programming EPROMs:

      ROMs are not supplied and will need to be burnt to EPROMs and installed onto the kit. These are the MAME files that will need to be located, for almost all games there is a decrypted set and a parent set. The decrypted sets include the main program code only and will not function without the parent set for each game.

      Any decrypted set for the game can be used, but the sets below have been tested:


      Aurail - aurail1d
      Bayroute - bayrouted
      Cotton - cottond
      Dynamite Dux - dduxd
      E-Swat - eswatj1d
      Golden Axe - goldnaxe3d
      M.V.P - mvpjd
      Wrestle War - wrestwa2d
      Excite League - exctleagd
      Passing Shot - passshtd
      Super League - suprleagd
      Sukeban Jansi Ryoku - sjryukod
      Ace Attacker - aceattacd
      Shinobi - shinobi2d
      Sonic Boom - sonicbomd
      Wonder Boy 3 - wb32d
      Alien Syndrome - aliensyn
      Bullet - bulletd
      Dunk Shot - dunkshotd
      S.D.I - sdibl
      Time Scanner - timescan
      Flash Point - fpointd
      Tough Turf - tturfu_no_mcu
      Action Fighter - afightere
      Riot City - riotcity
      Altered Beast - altbeast2
      Heavyweight Champ - hwchamp
      Toryumon - toryumon
      Ryu Kyu - ryukyud
      Tetris - tetris2d


      Aurail - aurail
      Bay Route - bayroute
      Dynamite Dux - ddux
      E-Swat - eswatj1
      Golden Axe - goldnaxe3
      M.V.P - mvpj
      Wrestle War - wrestwar
      Excite League - exctleag
      Passing Shot - passsht
      Super League - suprleag
      Sukeban Jansi Ryoku - sjryuko
      Ace Attacker - aceattac
      Shinobi - shinobi2
      Sonic Boom - sonicbom
      Wonder Boy 3 - wb32
      Bullet - bullet
      Dunk Shot - dunkshot
      Flash Point - fpoint
      Tough Turf - tturfu
      Ryu Kyu - ryukyu
      Tetris - tetris2


      Fantasy Zone Time Attack - fantzone_s16b
      Bloxeed - bloxeed_s16b

      All ROM files will need to be extracted to a directory with the same name. When extracting each ZIP file (for example with 7zip) click the

      <Information and photo to be added here>

      Once all zip files have been extracted you will now have each game in a folder with the same name as the ZIP file, and the ZIP files can now be deleted or removed.

      <Photo to be added here>

      Copy the ROM conversion tool to this folder and run the tool.

      You will now have 15 files which should be the following file sizes:

      01-13 and 15 - 4mb each
      14 - 1mb

      <Photo to be added here>

      If the final files you have are not the correct size, the tool has not been able to operate correctly. This usually means that incorrect or missing ROM files have been supplied.

      Once you have the correct files available, burn these to EPROMs

      01-13 and 15 - 27C322
      14 - 27C080/801

      The EPROMs can now be installed into the correct positions on the multi kit ROM board.

      <Photo to be added here>

      Reset wire installation:

      Once the EPROMs are installed into the board, the reset wire can be installed, this needs to be connected to the reset wire position on the ROM board

      <Photo to be added here>

      And soldered to Pin 8 of the 3771 Power Management IC at position A1 (bottom left of the board)

      <Photo to be added here>

      Here are some examples of other locations the reset line is connected to if you prefer to use one of these for better wire routing or another reason:

      - Pin 4 of LS74 @ C1
      - Pin 9 of 8751 @ B2
      - Pin 1 of LS273 @ C17
      - Pin 26 of Z80B @ D15
      - Pin A12 of CN5

      Optional: Rotary Selector Installation

      <Information to be supplied here once available>
    • Now that your kit is installed, you will want to play some games!

      There are 5 DIP switches and these will need to be set in a specific combination for each game.

      The numbers below are DIP switch 1-5

      0 - Off
      1 - On

      DIP Switch Settings:

      Excite League - 00000

      Passing Shot - 10000

      Super League - 01000

      Sukeban Jansi Ryuko - 11000

      Ace Attacker - 00100

      Shinobi - 10100

      Sonic Boom - 01100

      Wonderboy III - 11100

      Alien Syndrome - 00010

      Bullet - 10010

      Dunk Shot - 01010

      SDI - 11010

      Time Scanner - 00110

      Flash Point - 10110

      Tough Turf - 01110

      Action Fighter - 11110

      Aurail - 00001

      Bay Route - 10001

      Cotton - 01001

      Dynamite Dux - 11001

      E-Swat - 00101

      Golden Axe - 10101

      M.V.P - 01101

      Wrestle War - 11101

      Riot City - 00011

      Altered Beast - 10011

      Heavyweight Champ - 01011

      Toryumon - 11011

      Fantasy Zone Time Attack - 00111

      Ryu Kyu - 10111

      Tetris - 01111

      Bloxeed - 11111

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    • Thanks for the guide. @xodaraP

      also, i began looking up the DIP settings for the games, i'll provide a cheat sheet like the one i did for the M72 Multi

      I'll be posting it here in theis post once it's finished.
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    • xodaraP wrote:

      I actually just asked him about that both so I can add it to the guide and get one myself :)
      Yes sir . And if a new batch will not be builded , @oneleaf86 already realesed the files for everyone if anyone wants to makes on their own . All great from now on ^^
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    • Sp33dFr34k wrote:

      Looks like a solid guide bud, nice work. Now to get one of those rotary selectors... :)

      The guide will be updated with more information as required like the CPS2 guides - and photos once I have the kit. I'll update it soon with the rotary selector details

      @oneleaf86 has been kind enough to make the files and parts list freely available as @AlxUnderBase linked above. So you can make your own now :)