Blast City PSU Fan replacement

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    • Blast City PSU Fan replacement

      Just Did a PSU Fan "mod" on my Blast's since they were as loud as a starting Plane.

      A friend of mine had 2 Noctua Fans lying around so we decided to make this quick modification.

      It's very easy to do but can be a very dirty job^^

      You just need a screwdriver, a soldering iron and a pair of tweezers.
      A 12V 0.12 80x80mmx20mm Fan. Get a Noctua, they are totally worth the extra money you spend on them.
      I guess you can also do it without soldering if you get a new JST Plug for your new fan.
      If I'm not wrong on this one it must be a JST XH 2 Pin connector.

      Open up the PSU and clean it first, if you didn't do it yet.
      If you have some issues with power you might as well recap the whole thing.
      But back to track^^

      Open up the PSU

      Unscrew the ol' Fan

      and cut off the JST plug, re solder it to your new Fan
      screw it back on and you are basicly done

      Reassemble the PSU and slide it back into your Machine.

      Enjoy the Silence! :thumbsup:
    • Nice work. I did the same thing recently since my old PSU fan was not running. I spliced a connector with wires I had in the parts bin since I don't have a new head/crimps on hand and put some heat shrink on to clean it up. With the new Noctua it's basically silent, although I'm unsure if it pushes as much air as the old fan did. Shouldn't be too much of an issue in my case since I'm not running this cab 24x7. The wire colors on the connector side are reversed because Monoprice/Wanhao 3D printers are weird and that's where I got my spare part from.

    • did this with a NOCTUA NF-A8 ULN, the super silent version. Now it's almost completely silent :D

      For the times that my Blast is running (5 hours in one go maximum) i can feel no great difference in heat when checking the airflow, but i also couldn't tell if there's a difference in air volume that's moved...
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