Introducing myself - Bungelowbill

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    • Introducing myself - Bungelowbill

      Good morning all,

      I was introduced to this site my another member. I'm recently retired. My latest project at work was to design a Visual Basic program to do some automatic testing and data collection. I'm still working, but only three days a week by teaching some classes (pre-algebra, algebra, technology & engineering, and Latin) at a Christian school in West Deptford, NJ.

      Years ago I had a vending route where I supplied coin operated arcade games to most of the roller skating rinks in southern New Jersey, S.E. Pa, and Northern Delaware. I have not been involved with that business for years now.
      I have equipment that I would like to disperse to the arcade/vending community. I have no use for it and it would be better for someone else to use it.

      For some reason I have a passion for skill/claw cranes. I've designed and built three of them so far. The first was a single player up-right that moved in polar co-ordinates, the second was a table top in rectangular co-ordinates, the third one was a giant crane - also rectangular (X-Y-Z axis). I have also designed and built two types of controllers. One was based on an Altera Max+ EPLD. The other was purely electro-mechanical using nothing but relay logic. This board did use some resistors, but only to select claw strength. I have also made some motor control circuits. I still have some (too many haha) old cranes. I have an old Kramer, some Grayhounds, Drew Tiger Paw, Big Choice, Smart, AGE winner every time cranes, lots of crane parts. I even have a few of the Rowe BC-35 , 25 & 12 change machines.

      Lately I have been getting interested in the older EM pinballs. I kind of like the old chime sound that I remember hearing when I was a bit younger. Of course I owned many pinballs in my day since I was in the vending business, but never had an EM. Now that I have fixed my first one, and have a better understanding on how they work I'm ready to tackle my next pinball. I even toy with the idea of building one.

      Another passion of mine is the water. I live in Salem County New Jersey in Elsinboro Twp. in an area called Oakwood Beach. Oakwood beach got its name from the old wooden boat building days. Oak trees were harvested in the area and sent to Philadelphia. At one time this area was thriving, but once the tomato growing industry left all of the related industries crumbled. We don't have much down here in the way of conveniences. No Starbucks, no good food shopping, no good restaurants. However if you like nature, water, and country living then we have plenty of that. I'm not next to the magnificent Chesapeake, but I live across from the C&D canal so it isn't too hard to get there by boat. It isn't too far of a drive by car - maybe an hour if towing your boat. I could move to Maryland, but I can't afford waterfront there and my two grandchildren are here in NJ - so I'm here for a while then. No complaint though.

      Yes - I've droned on and on. Hopefully I wasn't too boring. Thanks for allowing me to become a part of your community. The communication that I had so far has been very encouraging. This is a wonderful group of people.