Astro City Restoration and Monitor fix

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    • Astro City Restoration and Monitor fix

      Hi Everyone,

      Just after Christmas I got an Astro City! $650 on ebay with a busted monitor, so I figured I'd give it a shot. This is my first arcade machine, and the one I've wanted most as a Sega fan. I'll be documenting my progress and fixes here. My goal is to make it a 2 player machine, green/pink like back in the day with tons of Capcom, SNK, and Konami games in it. Not sure what the best hardware solution is yet, so I'll be using the Neo Geo MVS for now.

      This is how I saw it on the listing. Looks good, owner said the screen was working before, but doesn't anymore. Probably needs new caps or fuses they mentioned. It does play games as in there's sound and the buttons work. it's just the monitor that has issues.

      Amazingly, it fit into a Honda Fit. But there's no wheels, legs, or the foot plate, I realized. Oh well, I'll try to find those later.

      After a general cleaning, I started working on the control panel. It looks like it's been painted over? There's also this strange plate over the coin entry. I drilled out the rivets and removed it. Someone must've ripped off the coin entry back in the day, and the operator bandaided it with this.

      After wet sanding and puttying up the holes and ditches, it's ready for painting. Except I splattered the paint and have to try again. The putty keeps shrinking too, so I'm still adding more layers to fully plug those holes around the coin entry. I'll come back to this later.

      Next focus was on the lights. I ordered a new starter bulb fg-1e and an 18 inch, 17 watt T8 fluorescent light and it works! The tube was a little longer than the metric Japanese bulb in there, but it still fit nicely.

      And now for the big issue. The monitor. A Nanao MS8 29FSG. I took it apart and checked the fuses. F902 was blown. I thought "cool! This will be an easy fix!" I popped in another fuse and it blew again. Darn.

      So I start to dig deeper. A couple caps are noticeably leaking so I'll definitely recap the chassis. But I also notice some discoloration and burnt solder points around Q532. Apparently this is the HDT (Horizontal Drive Transistor). So I get a new old stock HDT, pop it in annnnnd it blows the same fuse.

      I do a lot more research and find that someone else had the exact same problem as me with the same monitor! So I'm reading into this thread and watching his video on what he replaced, and I plan to do the same. I've ordered the same replacement parts and I'll be putting them in soon. I know I should be diagnosing my monitor myself, as the issue could be different, but I don't have much to lose by just following this thread for now.

      The parts I'm replacing are the voltage regulator (NTE2311), HDT (new old stock, 2SC2688), and horizontal output transistor (new old stock, 2SC4288A)

      In the meantime, I've recapped the chassis. Just waiting on those extra parts and the Filter cap which I forgot to order.

      I'm currently asking around for the missing foot plate and leg levelers. I found the wheels on ebay, but they're missing the hardware to attach the wheels. I might have to just use bolts and washers. Also ordered a new control panel (the metal part with art) from Alberto on ebay. I've read good things about him everywhere.

      That's all for now!

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    • I need to source some Astro leg levelers too, just haven't gotten around to it. I'll let you know if I solve that.

      Ask Alberto if he still has the coin drop surround, I feel like I've gotten some from him in the past. You'll be pleased with the control panel, I have them on all my Astros, just the single player versions.
    • Aurich wrote:

      I need to source some Astro leg levelers too, just haven't gotten around to it. I'll let you know if I solve that.

      Ask Alberto if he still has the coin drop surround, I feel like I've gotten some from him in the past. You'll be pleased with the control panel, I have them on all my Astros, just the single player versions.
      That would be great if we could find some Astro City leg levelers, thank you!

      For the coin surround, I've ordered a plastic and metal one online to see which one looks better. I'm leaning towards metal, even though it's not what it originally came with (I think). I'm really excited for the new control panel! Checked around alot before making a purchase. Some of the repros have off centered holes, or incorrect button layouts. But Alberto's looked spot on in every regard.
    • Alberto's are really nice, highly recommended. If you come by I have a stash of his 2 player panels for a rainy day, I can show you exactly what they look like.

      I prefer the metal surrounds, but it's not really important, whatever you like the look of works. I have two different styles, one more rounded and one more angular. I think one pair is from Alberto to replace gross plastic ones that were chipped and yellowed, and the other set were already on the cabs when I got them.
    • hoagtech wrote:

      Good luck on your monitor. Your Astro looks awesome.
      Thanks! I have some good news about that, actually.

      So I finally got all the same parts that the other guy replaced into his MS8 29FSG. I double check and see that my old HOT and Voltage regulator are shorted and that the new ones are good. All capacitors look good, everything is hooked up correctly, turn it on and.....nothing. I hear a small pop so I'm thinking the fuse blew again. Dangit.

      I pull out the fuse and it looks ok so I'm super bummed. But just to make sure, I test it and it's actually bad? The wire inside the glass didn't look severed but it was still bad somehow. I decide to try again with a new good fuse annnnnd.......

      It actually works!!!! I still don't know what that pop was though. I don't think it was the fuse because there's no reason it would have blown if this other fuse is working? Whatever, I'm just happy it's working!

      I adjust the picture and it looks amazing! I'm so happy the dead monitor gamble paid off!

      This is super nitpicky, but the bottom right corner bleeds color a tiny bit. If you compare the "credits" between the left and right, the right side bleeds a bit of red. Not sure why this is.

      I was also able to source a baseplate with leg levelers from ebay, so this will be a complete cab. All that's left is to finish up the control panel when the parts arrive and maybe repaint a couple other bits here and there.

      Almost done!