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    • hoagtech wrote:

      Geddon wrote:

      suverman wrote:

      Minimum lag that generally fast scalers add to rotate is a frame, 16ms. No reason that OSSC will need more time than that. Now if it does some magic and uses scanline buffering instead of frame buffering like MiSTer does it might have a lag of a couple of scanlines which is not noticeable. However scanline buffering might not be compatible with all LCDs.

      1 frame of latency can be noticeable if you keep switching between CRT and LCD, but I doubt if you are playing only on LCD that you will ever notice it. 40ms of lag is def noticeable if you know how the game behaves.

      I would have loved if it downscaled as well. 1080p to 240p quickly, that would have been an instant buy for me.
      Ok, I’ll ask, why the hell do you want to scale 1080p to 240p? You realize that means eliminating a shit ton of pixels. It will never be good. You want to turn over 2 million pixels into around 77,000. You expect that to be good quality and instant? 1080 content was designed for high resolution. I can understand wanting to display sd content on a sd display, I have consoles connected to pvms, I can also understand upscaling because that works and can be nice and sharp and quick and look decent, but I can’t understand what you are asking for. If you really want to do it, there are processors out there and it sucks.
      People want to scale 240p to 1080p.
      The problem is 1080 is not an integer of 240 ex: 240<480<720<960. The 4x integer is 960 which doesn’t fit into a 1080.

      So you got these black bars on top and bottom of image, squeezed square pixels (improper aspect ratio), and if you are playing on a 4K device, you can pray to your 1080 to 4K built in upscaling gods.

      The scaling to a 4K resolution would allow you a perfect 9x 4K {240x9=2160}

      Allowing LCDs to display black bars on the side of their image instead of top and bottom.

      If perfect scaling is achieved the aspect is still too narrow unfortunately.
      Did you read what I was replying to? He said downscale and said 1080p to 240p. Obviously people want to upscale I was questioning why he wanted to DOWNSCALE 1080p to 240p.
    • Geddon wrote:

      Did you read what I was replying to? He said downscale and said 1080p to 240p. Obviously people want to upscale I was questioning why he wanted to DOWNSCALE 1080p to 240p.
      Sorry about that. I didnt read that correctly and then proceeded to mansplain you. I do think down scaling from the source resolution is best but with all current gen outputting 480p.

      It would make more sense for titles like Metal XX on the PS4 to downscale from 480p indeed.
    • It’s not the original ossc’s fault but rather with capture cards, but I wanted to ask anyway because right now I’m a sad panda. I was wondering if the plus will be able to play nice with capture cards that have a PC free mode. I forget if this was already asked, I haven’t read the entire thread in a long time, and I’m only back here because of my situation as mentioned in the bottom.

      I just bought an Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus external capture card for mainly recording via its PC Free mode feature. But when it comes to the OSSC, it’s quite junk and will only accept 480p signals for recording. And boy are those ugly, I don’t know if there’s a setting to fix that since I’ve only used it in PC Free Mode. The pass through still looks nice but the recorded video looks awful. Like this thing is great for modern consoles, but it rejects the ossc’s ability to line multiply (anything over x2 for 240p) I’m just bummed that my AW and CPS2 tests were so bad, I shudder to think how the MVS, Naomi and my trusty old Saturns will fare.

      Anyway I was planning on getting another line doubler for an additional setup (I go to local gaming meets and tourneys), but I wouldn’t mind spending the extra money for the OSSC pro if it can solve this issue with capture cards. I was originally looking at the retrotink2xscart, but oh well.
    • buffi wrote:

      I recommend the USB3HDCAP capture card. It eats anything I throw at it from the OSSC.

      Meanwhile my Elgato 60Pro is super picky and barely accepts anything :(
      Have both of those too. The Elgato likes almost nothing, but what it does accept gives a nice picture. The USB3HDCAP is nice.

      I'd also recommend the Magewell USB HDMI Capture (I bought this because I was certain I'd lost the USB3HDCAP). It's worked out beautifully for me (but put a heatsink on the thing, it gets HOT) and primarily what I use.
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    • lupinko wrote:

      Those capture card suggestions are nice but they don’t solve the issue where I need a pc free setup when I’m at events. I’m not bringing my laptop when I’m already bringing arcade hardware.
      You need something like this but better specs/quality I guess, they limit the drive size to 128gb or less, wtf?

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    • My Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 plus is also limited to 128GB for microsd space. Like it’s fine for modern consoles, but it’s awful for arcade and retro hardware. Not being able to accept the ossc’s signals is just awful.

      I think the only option right now for me at the moment is to use something the Framemeister XRGB Mini to upscale the 960p to 1080p, maybe only then will this capture card accept the OSSC signal. I’ll read up on what you linked.