Sega Aero City PSU Low Voltages

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    • Sega Aero City PSU Low Voltages

      I currently have two aero city cabs. On one cab I can't seem to get any real voltage out of the PSU, generally under 1 Volt. I can get voltages with the PSU's out of the other cab, but they are really low (I swapped the PSU over to try to see if it was an wiring issue with the one cab, and it appears to be). One PSU gets 2.0-2.1V out of the 5V pins and around 6V at the 12V pin depending on where I adjust the PSU and the other PSU gets around 2.4-2.7V for the 5V pins and upper 6V to low 7V off the 12V Pin. I have looked through the wiring and I haven't spotted any errors yet, made sure all the connections are firmly connected. I am going to go through with some deoxit and see if cleaning that remedies anything (maybe a bad ground or something), maybe replace the 4A fuses (they look fine to me, but just in case).

      I know this is kind of vague at the moment, but I need some general ideas of some problems to look for, as I am kind of a newbie a this. Monitors appear to turn on fine on both (they need adjustment though). I am not using a step down transformer, not sure if it would help things or not. These were from that gambling cab lot KC had.

      Probably a very silly question, but would the Marquee light cause any issues with voltages elsewhere? The one cab I get zero voltage through has no light installed, and the other one is dying/flickering.