Raiden II bad sound/extremely hot amp

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    • Raiden II bad sound/extremely hot amp

      Recently picked up a Raiden II PCB for cheap due to some issues with sound. When I received it, I could see that the volume pot had been replaced in the past. On boot, it would play loud static/garbled sound. With enough fiddling of the volume pot, I could get clear sound at a very low volume. When touching or manipulating the pot, I would hear very loud scratching/static/clicks-and-bumps, even at low values on the pot. I also noticed the audio amp was EXTREMELY hot to the touch. Highest I measured was 182F/83C. This was during gameplay, so it would have been actively amplifying sound. During idle, it would sit around 165F/73C. I have a hard time believing this is normal, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.

      I replaced the pot with another new 10K pot (same that it had on it when I received it) and replaced the capacitor that filters 12V into the amp, but the issue persists. I've verified voltages in my cabinet and at various points on the board as well.

      Any ideas? My first inclination is to verify that that pot value is correct, but I can't find a resource online that has the schematics for my board. Beyond that, my only idea is to replace the amp on the board.
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