Sega Rally 2 weak force feedback

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    • Sega Rally 2 weak force feedback

      As per title my Sega Rally 2 has weak force feedback, even when cranked all the way up to 15 (maximum) its still pretty weak. There are no faults on the drive board and it's fully functional in the test menu (just weak).

      I stripped the motor down for a clean and inspection and it seems fine, free to turn etc. There is no clutch like on Daytona USA it's just an AC motor so perhaps there is an issue with regards to voltage applied vs feedback setting? Information online is scarce to say the least and every Sega Rally 2 manual i've read is missing the wiring diagrams from it. The drive board itself has 2 banks of dipswitches, no idea what these are for as i've seen no mention of them anywhere.

      Anyhow if anyone has any experience or tips let me know, cheers.
    • irepairsega wrote:

      Dip switch settings for force feedback strength are on DS bank 1 on the Drive Control Bd. All off = weak and all on = strong. Good luck finding a manual that shows this. Closest I could find was a Super GT manual showing it.
      Thanks for that info, yes the manuals are lacking.

      So is the control via dipswitches in addition to that offered in the test menu then?