Yet Another New Kind Of CPS2 Volume Problem!

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    • Yet Another New Kind Of CPS2 Volume Problem!

      Here's what happens: game boots up, has no sound, pressing volume up or down just once makes the sound come back instantly. It always comes back at the volume it was at before (presumably now one click higher or lower), so it seems like it's saving the settings. So it's like it's on mute until it recognizes a volume change. This happens whether its been turned off all night or for just a few seconds.

      We've tried resetting the volume by holding down the Volume Down button while booting, multiple times. We also replaced the supercap.

      What else could be bad? A trace seems unlikely as the game has been sitting in a cabinet for some time and only started doing this recently.

      Update: The other tech who has been working on it tells me that it isn't completely muted after booting, but is actually just super quiet. Then pressing either volume button once makes it jump back to where it should be.

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