[FIXED]Theaterhythm Touch Screen Not Repsonding.

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    • [FIXED]Theaterhythm Touch Screen Not Repsonding.

      Hi Guys, I wanted to document this since I found no info for it elsewhere.

      I recently purchased a Theaterhythm cab from Cereth on these forums. Everything was great with the sale and and the cab was shipped in great shape. After booting it up, I immediately had issues with the touchscreen, specifically the lower right hand corner of the screen and was unable to select songs, or options or move on to the next song.

      link to a video of the issue:imgur.com/ByrlKvy

      I was in contact with Cereth and Mitsurugi who also own Theaterhythm cabs and had never seen this issue. Trying to find info online only led to the 3DS version of theaterhythm and the 3DS touchscreen. Cereth was extremely helpful through the whole process, and even shipped me his backup monitor as a replacement! It worked fine for one night and then it started to have the exact same issues as mine. So I was relieved to know the monitor was ok and the problem was elsewhere. I looked at the cables connecting to the monitor and on a silly whim decided to change out the USB a-b printer style cable with a new one. It suddenly worked perfectly!! I've since tested it for 7 days straight and have had zero issues with the touchscreen not being responsive.

      The culprit :cursing:

      If you are having touchscreen response issues, check that USB