Cloning a Maximum Tune 3DX+ drive?

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    • Cloning a Maximum Tune 3DX+ drive?

      One of my 3DX+ drives are dying, these things are so old at this point that I think it should be fine to discuss this.

      Game gets to filesystem mounting then just hangs and goes nowhere, does anyone know of a way to clone a drive so that I don't have to try to find another International version drive? The drive serial check would definitely be an issue with this and I'm not too sure how I would go about doing something like modifying drive serials for dongle checks.
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    • use the DD command on a Linux machine to clone the drive - if it's not too late.
      or DDrescue if it has sector errors.

      clone it to a file, then you can write it back to other drives later - or even over itself on the old drive to try to fix weak sectors.

      how big is the drive?
      btw, some ssd's can have the serial edited.