Hitachi C4131S Rear projection (Megalo 410) remote/IR codes

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    • Hitachi C4131S Rear projection (Megalo 410) remote/IR codes

      Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a remote for the Megalo410 rear projection setup?

      According to details on the cab it uses a Hitachi C4131S and googling reveals next to nothing except a few forum threads with no real info.

      Now i've got a 'one for all' JP1 remote which comes pre-programmed with tons of IR codes, 11 of which are for Hitachi (but these are aimed at consumer TVs). Having cycled through them all none have worked so its either another code I haven't tried or I have IR receiver issues with the cab.

      Searched everywhere for a copy of the manual, even if it's Japanese just for the part number of the remote but ive been unable to find a copy of it anywhere.