CPS3 Newbie Help

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    • CPS3 Newbie Help

      Hey guys. I'm new to this whole arcade machine thing, however I'd really love to get a CPS3 board and Jojo's to make a cabinet for it, however there seems to be a lot of information out there makes it difficult to follow conversation. From what I understand the board requires SIMM cards of varying amounts and positions depending on which game you intend to play. That is unless you mod it for multi-game, however I don't really understand how that works. Anyone who would be able to help explain everything and provide information on how to find the hardware and how much each part should cost please do! Thank you all in advance :)
    • If you buy an existing CPS-3 setup, for example Jo Jo’s, @Darksoft can sort you out the extra RAM modules you need and a cart to play everything. Just message him.

      Don’t feed into the massive scalp this has become on forums/eBay.
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