Cannot select certain games on my Darksoft ST-V multi

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    • Cannot select certain games on my Darksoft ST-V multi

      I believe the Darksoft ST-V kit I have here is faulty. I got in touch with the seller and they asked that I report the problem here before returning it.

      I'm using Smokemonster's pack and I've tried multiple SD cards.

      It used to work fine but now refuses to load some images or loads wrong images regardless of jumpers selected. We did have a LCD selector thing attached but even removing it and setting the jumpers manually won't work.

      It appears as if one selection bit is not working making it impossible to load some games.

      Anything further I can try?
    • Whats up Bucko? Good seeing you around these parts.

      For me it was the boot process that held me back.

      It would load games but not properly or not at all.

      1. Make sure you make your jumper selection with your supergun off.

      2. TUrn it on and look for the 2 solid green LED's on your multi.

      3. Most importanly wait 45-90 seconds for the 2 leds to turn into a solid one.

      Hit service, set and then , service button and it should load.

      If not try turning off and on hitting service, set , service again.
    • can you show which LCD selector you have and where did you buy?

      Also can you post 3 or 4 jumper configurations that you try and which game it loads. That would help identify which jumper is bad.

      * Arcade-projects, the site where you get the most of your arcade games.
      * If you want Drama go to Neo-Geo forum ---Darksoft
    • The LCD selector was from Saku Taipale.

      Just to be clear it's the same few games that load no matter where the jumpers are set.

      We have 2 ST-V carts that both work fine when connected direct to the motherboard, but these games won't load from the multicart.

      The board is with BetaGamma computing in Greece, they already boxed it up ready to return I'm afraid.