Found cheaper drop-in replacements for Ghost Squad and Time Crisis recoil solenoids

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    • Found cheaper drop-in replacements for Ghost Squad and Time Crisis recoil solenoids


      As everyone who uses arcade recoil guns knows, when it comes to replacing broken solenoids, Sega and Namco like to bend you over and fist you with a boxing glove. So, in the interest of keeping our botty holes the correct size, I wanted to share info on some drop-in replacements.

      First, Time Crisis guns.

      For these, you can use any comparably sized tubular pull solenoid (sometimes called cylindrical) that is rated for continuous duty. For example, this Guardian Electric one I got off Ebay for $12:

      You can see the model number in the pic but it's not important to get the same model. Just find any continuous duty cylindrical of similar size and power draw. note how it's mounting mechanism is the same as the original Namco part:

      Depending on which one you buy, you may need a different PSU. The one I got was described as 12v but it needed 36v to do the job.

      Another option is to transplant the solenoid from a PS1 Super Jolt gun. They are the same size and have similar performance:

      You can actually use the whole slide mechanism as it fits in the Namco shell for TC guns with missing parts.

      For Ghost Squad, the Terminator Salvation solenoid is a drop-in replacement. It's identical in size and screw hole pattern:

      This will save $100 on the solenoid and $60 on the mounting bracket. I believe there is a 12v and a 24v version so confirm which you are getting from Betson and use the appropriate PSU. There is no performance difference as long as you use the right psu.
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      In case anyone is restoring Time Crisis guns now, This lot is worth picking up:…f62588:g:tXgAAOSwXc1eQwES

      I normally snap up any good deals on these Jolt guns for my own projects but I probably have enough for now... Two for $30 is a bargain though. It's safe to assume at least one of the solenoids will work if not both. They are terrible as PS1 and Saturn light guns but the shells, slide and solenoid are worth keeping. The lenses and sensor are not.

      I have a bunch of real Namco guns (which I love) but sometimes you want that recoil slide goodness for games with two or three buttons, or perhaps a credit button. The switch is also useful for turning things on and off (like your Supergun). Rescue them before some godless Philistine puts an Aimtrak in them.

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