Replacing crt

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    • Replacing crt

      hi, got a KI 1 cab with no tube. Thinking about modding a crt tv. But i have some doubts about the size. In theory, crt tvs should have exactly the inches that the sticker says, like 29", 25", etc.
      But when i was measuring a bunch of 29" tvs, they had like 27 or less, like Semp Toshiba Ultra Slim and Sony Wega.
      Well, i dont have a 25" that midway cabinets requires. Found a suposedly 25" philips tv flat crt, but its far away from me. Did you guys experienced something like that and replaced the tube with no problem, like changing chasis? Would be secure to take that 25" tv? If not, would be risky to crack the wood from the cabinet if i put a bigger crt?
      About flat tv and the original bezel, i would have ro change it too?
    • One big problem with CRT sizing is that people (*cough old people and Americans) keep trying to identify them as being in inches when most are manufactured in centimeters. That's why you should really go off the label directly on the tube in order to size and not the model # of the TV or arcade monitor. This problem is very common with a68 tubes... They are 68cm... Some people call them 27", some people call them 29"... Some will vary by country, People can call them whatever they want, manufactures can put whatever model number they want.... but in reality they are 68cm tubes. Keep that in mind when trying to sort out CRT sizes.
    • KI uses a standard resolution 25" crt. My suggestion would be to look for a 25" curved TV and use a K7000 chassis, preferably a TV from the list on tube swap list here. And don't forget the isolation transformer for that chassis.
      When you remove the tube from the TV, the tube will be bolted to a monitor metal frame like this one, and then the frame will be bolted to the cabinet. The tubes will be A63. I've done tube swaps for a couple of Street Fighter 2 cabs, but it should be the same for KI.
    • Found a 25 tube, but a flat one. Didnt fit too, a little because ita flat and because of size. The problem is i dont have potencial arcade crt sellers and i have to look at certain tv, buy it and then give it a try. Tried the second today, no good. Guess ill have to change the metal parts that are fixed to wood and the chasis, configure width and height of the image to look through the bezel