Sega model 1 conversion possible? Anyone have a virtua racing wheel they don't need?

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    • Sega model 1 conversion possible? Anyone have a virtua racing wheel they don't need?

      So I have 2 Model 1 board sets, I was curious if a conversion on one of them to Star Wars Arcade might be possible. Anyone ever try doing this? Did that board feature any special extra hardware Virtua Racing didn't have?

      "Your list has 21 eproms. I could provide that $225 US." I spoke with someone that offers EPROM burning services, I don't know enough about the technical side to know if this would be wasted money or not.

      Anyone have a Virtua Racing wheel lying around for cheap? I see them on eBay but people want 100 plus bucks for them which to me seems kind of silly since I got the game for free. I was hoping to keep it kind of a low buck investment.
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    • you can test conversions in MAME:

      unzip the file for your "target" game, and rename all of the files inside to be the same as the ones used by your "donor" game and place it in a folder that is the same name as your donor's inside your MAME ROM folder.

      then launch MAME from the command line explicitly specifying the name of the donor game and the -debug flag.

      you'll get CRC errors on boot (normal because you changed all of the game code), and then you can try running the game by telling the debugger to run.

      This is essentially performing a virtual "ROM swap" in MAME.

      if you know how to read the MAME driver you can usually get a good idea of whether or not it will work before you even attempt this.

      personally I don't spend any time messing with the hardware until I've tested conversion in MAME.
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    • Halaga wrote:

      "CPU on CPU Bd is different so not that easy. And CPU is not available for purchase."

      So no then. D'oh Well.
      A TGP processor to be exact. The internal rom differs across three Model 1 CPU board variants. The label on that processor determines which games support this internal rom:
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