Tekken 5 / Namco 256 not booting

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    • Tekken 5 / Namco 256 not booting

      I purchased a dedicated namco tekken 5 machine locally that was unknown if working.

      When powered up, the ATX-style power supply shot out sparks, so we swapped that first.

      I adjusted the PSU to make sure it was putting out at least 5v proper when hooked up the the game PCB, as I was thinking maybe we might have voltage issues.

      Now, the unit powers on and it reads "Start Program"

      It used to just hang there - and the DVD looked like it kept reading.

      So then I bought another DVD-rom reader off ebay, using a model number previously reported on this forum to work with namco 256 (IBM GSA-4082B) , thinking that might help.

      It now will read the dvd, and then "start program" comes up, "..." appears on the left side like it was loading or something, and then it goes black - I am expecting it to reset and have loaded, but then it just stays there - black.

      Not sure if maybe I've got a bad 256 setup - maybe it was damaged by power surge etc. - or what.

      Dongle seems okay - I have removed it or put in the second slot and it tells me that no dongle is found - when plugged in properly it does the above, so I'm guessing there's no problem there.

      Any info greatly appreciated.