TTx2 Fast I/O JVS error.

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    • TTx2 Fast I/O JVS error.

      Vewlix L cab, everything works great with Taito k91x1147A JVS I/o board running SSFIV AE + dongle. My JVS card in the x2 is set to dip 1 on, 2-4 off, 5 on — per x2 manual.
      I install the fast I/o amp board k91x1204b with a nesica rfid and get a “JVS 0001 error: Node Over”. I’m running p1 into p1, p2 out to nesica rfid, j1 rfid into Jamma USB port on x2 JVS card. I’m using a cat 5e data cable from the k91x1204b into the pci-e fast I/o card in my x2. And control panel is plugged into g1 on the k91x1204b. The jumpers on my k91x1204b are really my question, I cannot find any info and I’ve tried all sorts of combinations. It came and I’ve seen pics on this forum with the following settings. There are 3 switches each with two dips. Sw2, sw3, sw4. Sw2 both off, switch 3 both off, switch 4 both on. I’ll try any suggestions. Thanks. (Also the rfid works and game runs with plain k91x1147 JVS I/O into j2)
      All leds are solid on the k91x1204b except led6 is flashing continuously on all settings just like the flashing Led on the rfid pcb.
    • You are getting that error from SSFIV?

      SSFIV is not a Fast I/O game. So it’s only seeing the RFID reader which doesn’t report having the appropriate features for the game.

      If you want to run JVS games with a Fast I/O board you will have to run my X2 multi. PM me and I can send you a drive image.

      Dip2 on the X2 is really the only dip switch used. On for 720p, off for 480p.
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