Broken CPS3 board?

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    • Broken CPS3 board?

      Hey I recently got a CPS3 board but after some install and play tests, it just seemed to stop functioning.

      When booting up the system using a Superbios cart, I get a blank screen. The previous installs were with legit New Generation and 2nd Impact carts. I went back to trying to install those carts. Unfortunately, I got a mostly static garbage screen upon bootup, It even happens when there is no cart inserted (probably normal even if it was a working board). No transition to the CPS3 bios loading screen, just the garbage. So the Superbios cart is the only one that doesn't exhibit the screen. I will note that the Superbios cart works just fine on another CPS3 board my friend is borrowing.

      I tried looking into the board itself if there were any unusual things but it looked all clear besides one aspect... I even reflowed the card slot's pins to see if there are any changes but to no avail; same results. I do have the Console9 recap kit ready but I don't think it will matter. As teased, the unusual thing is that the board came in shipped with warping which I feel is the possible culprit.

      Reason I consider so is that when installing 2nd Impact one time, the process froze for a while which I fixed by putting pressure on the bottom left and upper right corners. Annoyed by the bent board, I tried to straighten out the board with very little changes. Maybe what I have done is what's creating the issues sadly.

      Is this something that can be easily fixed? Am I out of luck to the point I should look into another main board? I do have screenshots of the screen, the board itself and even the warping issues.
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