SuperGameboy on B&W 12" Magnavox BE3731AL01

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    • SuperGameboy on B&W 12" Magnavox BE3731AL01

      I dug my Dad's old tv out of the barn that had been in storage since 1998.

      It was produced in 1984 and has a UHF screw terminal connection.

      I started by cleaning it off. Ill take it to the shop for lithium as the plastic finishes were ruined by sub par storage.



      I took the case off and clean the insides and discharged before I looked at Chassis. It has a 12" Phillips 12VCUP4 tube.

      I saw the controls were limited "Brightness", "Contrast", "Volume" on the front and "V hold" "H hold" and "Vsize" on the back. Where did the "Hsize" go?

      I found a few pots on the chassis. Google gives no info on the model I own. I hope one of them is "Hsize" but the colored pots make me wonder about a primitive "White Point"

      I got a "Matching Tranfsormer" and found one my old SNES RF outputs which will allow the SUper Gameboy to be "playable" in composite RF. Also grabbed an HDMI to RF for "Rockman and Forte" on the wonderswan emulator.

      I have a question about UHF. Does it support a progressive signal? Is there a converter out their that will allow me to support "Progressive" image in composite "greyspace" ?

      240p output would the Icing on the cake for me.

      We will see how it looks when the adapters arrive but for now the static is looking pure and sharp.

      I found a brand new one on ebay heh…-NEW-SEALED-/254444717363
    • I received the Matching Transformer and was able to hook up an SNES with Supergameboy to the TV.

      I bought 2 HDMI to RF boxes. The one above has a fat coaxial cord that does not hook up to any Coax connections I have seen. Also it supports PAL and NTSC-M (525 line) only and didn't come with a US PSU.

      I bought another HDMI to RF that came with a proper PSU and it didn't power on..

      So I ordered a third HDMI to RF box because I want to see what different resolutions coming from the OSSC and Framemeister will look like when I enlarge the screen area to full screen.

      Next I will mess with the Chassis pots to see if I can change the screen to a Green Yellow for a giant Gameboy look. Also finding a Subwidth pot would be a real joy.

      I plan on playing only B&W content so I separated my Gameboy cartridge collection into 3 categories: Gameboy, Gameboy and Gameboy Color, Gameboy Color only. I decided the hybrid carts are not allowed on the TV.

      Double dragon 3 (The Arcade Game)

      If anyone has a suggestion on a recommended RF setup I would love to hear it.
    • Time to get the Gameboy big on the TV using the Framemeister.

      I wasn't able to get a signal (at first) with the HDMI to Coaxial Radioshack converter with the Mini. I'm not sure why..

      So I used This POS HDMI to RCA converter and then a RCA to Coaxial Converter.

      I plugged in the XRGB Mini and set it to LB2 and 16:9 aspect. With no Fiddling it stretched my image almost perfectly to full size.

      YES!!... Sorta... The HDMI to Coax and or the RCA converter combo created speckles of video snow across the image. You can really see it on the Chozo Statue image in the dark areas.

      After getting annoyed with the speckly snow. I thought I would try one time with the HDMI to Coax Radioshack.

      It worked first try and blew the OSSC out of the water.

      No jumpy lines. Better sharpness. Better blacks. Brighter Sprites. I was even able to mess with scanlines. They are not meant to be on an LB1 zoomed image but with messing with the DEC line 1 and 2 I was able to combat the uneven lines. It still didn't look right but looked proper on default (unzooomed) (not Pictured).

      Overall I am thrilled to be able to play a giant Gameboy full screen with the Framemeister.

      Next up. Messing with the white point pots to get a green/yellow screen.