Raw Thrills - Terminator Salvation - Monitor image not full screen

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    • Raw Thrills - Terminator Salvation - Monitor image not full screen

      We also got a Terminator Salvation Deluxe that we are fixing and found the old projector monitor dead (could be fixed maybe who knows.)

      We currently set about swapping with a larger 60 inch style monitor which actually does have VGA on the back, I don't not know which model. I usually find that large screens don't have VGA due to being newer and HDMI is the standard.

      SO ..

      The game does start, sometimes with some bits forcing full screen but then goes back to this in the corner, the game will also be in that size too.

      So, what I am thinking, as the Linux boot is going on, it is sensing the monitor native resolution and setting the screen via VGA.

      I have considered that the projector TV (and other models) was maxed to a smaller screen size say XGA size.

      I asked for our engineer to mess with the DIP Switches 1 and 2, but I sence he might not get far, the game was available to purchase on 3 different screen sizes, so I would have thought this might be solved or has been solved on an update version, I cannot see anything in the release notes.

      However, we have tested VGA into a Wells Gardener- Guitar Hero screen and that behaved well, we also tried two smaller monitors and get mixed results. Pictures below

      Graphics card is a Zotac 9800GT and the computer is a Dell Optiplex 740

      My question - Anyone come across this and got out of the problem with different monitors

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