Bubble Bobble Bootleg to The Lost Cave

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    • Bubble Bobble Bootleg to The Lost Cave

      I'm trying to wrap my head around upgrading my board to the Lost Cave roms as well as find some definitive info on what exactly is needed to burn for my bootleg board.

      There's a readme file in the Lost Caves download that contains some info on what to burn, but it mentions a zip file that isn't present in the archive:

      From the README wrote:

      - bublcave.zip is the ROM set for running the game.

      It's all you need if you want to play it in emulated form (or burn it onto
      an original Bubble Bobble coin-op board).

      - bootlegLostCave.zip contains only the additional ROMs used on the bootleg boards
      (the rest of the ROMS are in common with the main set). You should interested
      in this set only if you want to convert a Bobble Bobble or Super Bobble Bobble
      bootleg board to Lost Cave. Most bootleg boards should work, apart from the one using the
      68705 controller. That one is not supported, sorry.

      The zipfile doesn't contain a bootlegLostCave.zip...

      But there is a line in the readme that says:

      From earlier in the README wrote:

      - works on a real arcade machine by burning fresh EPROMs for it. Tested both on
      an original board and a bootleg one.
      So I'm assuming that the roms in there are for both the Original and Bootleg boards?

      Then I did some searching and found this thread on AO:

      and another blog post from the same guy helping people out:

      Looking at my board, not all the graphic roms are populated on my bootleg.

      The program roms looks fine:

      Here's a close-up of the graphics roms:

      I guess I'll have to populate those spots? @caius would you might have some insights? I noticed on the AO thread you were trying to figure this out before.

      I've sent out a bunch of 27256 to a fellow member here to burn for me, but I don't know what to tell him what to burn. This is so confusing, there isn't any definitive instructions out there on how to install this hack and the files in the zip file doesn't correspond to my board labels.
    • Basically Lost Caves uses the original assets from BB as well as some additional.

      The files you have above, one zip file is all the required files for an original board and the second zip file is additional files required for a bootleg board. Ignore the file names, burn and install everything.

      The reason the bootleg needs additional ROMs is because it's a bootleg some of the assets and code are modified, incorrect or missing. You need to restore these to make it function like an original (you can also use Redux like Elgen did)

      Yes you are going to need to populate additional graphics ROM positions. I highly recommend installing sockets.