Cheers from Germany

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    • Cheers from Germany

      Hi guys,

      my name is Marco and I'm from Germany :) .
      Me and my best friend (I'm friends with him to this day) played a lot of Arcade games on two places in our small town in about 1992-1994. These places were not really Arcades. One place was the entrance hall to a Yugoslavien restaurant and there stood two sometimes three generic JAMMA woody cabs. The second place was a room next to a pub and it was full with about 15 cabs and 2-3 pinballs. Games we played that I remember are Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Spin Master, Windjammers, Blade Master, Mystic Warriors, GI Joe, Sunset Riders, Toki, Double Dragon 3, Truxton 2, Fixeight, Ghox, Street Fighter 2, Robocop, Pang / Buster Bros., Bubble Bobble, Blood Bros., Rainbow Islands, Knights of the Round, Aliens, Alien vs. Predator, Double Wings, Out Run, Hook, Undercover Cops, Wonderboy and other games I cant remember anymore. The great thing about these two places were that nobody cared if two 12-14 year old boys played these games. Remember in Germany you were normally not allowed to play the cabs when you were under 18.
      These were the type of games that defined me for my taste of video games. I have around 150 PCBs and these are a lot of games that I played back then & then some ;) . But some games like Blade Master I still dont have about 30 years later.