Atomiswave wei ya intermittent issue

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    • Atomiswave wei ya intermittent issue

      Hey everyone had my atomiswave with stock tri wei ya chassis and tube for awhile now
      And its been great other than this issues that pops up here and there

      it seems as the white gun/balance drops out to pink for some weird reason and then itll be ok during this time is if say do a degauss u can see the white going back to normal eventually it goes back , it usually does this issue when the screen attempts to loose contrast or "body" then goes a pinkish colour here is some pics to see what i mean ,

      is the tube on its way out?
      Could a recap be all it is
      Or have you had this issue before?
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    • Zitz wrote:

      white gun/balance drops out to pink
      It's your green gun (or more likely signal). Look at the fourth pic :)

      Check for loose cabling. Wiggle things around and see if they effect the picture (the RGBS cables going into the chassis, the JAMMA harness, etc). Try a different VGA cable if you're using that input.
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