Is there sb on the monitor thread?

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    • Is there sb on the monitor thread?

      Hi guys. I'd need the help of some monitor techs there since I did a remote for my geometry pots and my monitor isn't working.

      I remoted four pots (bright, h-phase, v-size, v-posi) of my former Nanao MS8-18B chassis. After turning it on, a red thin line appeared after a few seconds, becoming more red, then I shutted it down since I was afraid it can make smt bad.

      Here is what I've done: I desoldered the four pots and soldered instead four connectors. My remote was already made a few days ago with the pots from others chassis from the same series (one junk MS8-18A and a not tested yet MS8-18FB). I thought I can use them since all three chassis are from the same serie (I took the Bright from the ''A'' model, then the three others from the ''FB'' model to build my remote). Maybe I should have use the pots I freshly took off from my former working MS8-18B chassis I worked on today, and not the ones already on the remote. Maybe I shouln't have twisted the legs of the pots, or I did smt wrong with the GNDs. Maybe the wire gauge, or the bent legs...

      I collected all the pic needed for a diagnostic (I hope the MS8-18 manual can also help us to find out what's wrong). I'd really appreciate your help:

      Why Am I doing this remote:
      Unfortunaltely my cab not allows me to do easy settings when the monitor is in ''tate'' position (difficult to acces from the rear) so usually I take the monitor out, do the settings and put it back. But in this case the geometry moves by 2mm (v-posi). So, if I do the settings the monitor inside, when its in tate position I have to go to the rear of the cab and for that I have to move it forth, then when I move it back to it's former place the same issue appears. I guess since those monitors are magnetic, each moves acts on the v-position a few millimeters. Since I like to have full image, this remote could resolve my problem. Also my cab doesn't have wheels, so it's impossible to move it without it feels moving. Did you ever deal with that? Is that phenomen common to any of you? Thanks for your support.

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    • Hi Nem!
      Issue resolved. The problem was about the rounded part of the path which lifted off due to heat I guess. That's why the PCB didn't recognized the pot since this later wasen't really soldered to the paths end. So I'd to do a bridge in two parts. Now all works fine.

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