Issues with spinner games

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    • Issues with spinner games

      Hi there I recently got the multi and the install went well but I am having some issues with games that from my understanding have the option to use the spinner controller.

      I have tried to run both arkanoid and puchi carat both with jumper j3 set for sensor, joystick, and left open.

      The switch test screen is shown in the attachment. This screen is the same no matter the jumper config. This is with the sticks in the neutral position. the P1 sensor does not respond to joystick movement at all and stays at "10" the P2 sensor reads "FF" at neutral and changes to "00" when pressed left (pretty sure it is left). These results do not change based on jumper config.

      When playing arkanoid the paddles will jiggle slightly when the joysticks are moved from the neutral position, maybe a pixel or two from center, but then will return to center.

      Is this likely a motherboard issue or am I missing something? I find it strange because all other games I have played seem to function as expected in terms of controls.

      Having tons of fun with the multi either way but it'd be great to try out puchi carat based on what I've been hearing about the game

      Thanks much,
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    • I just got my multi and had this issue too. Turns out there is another option under Configuration in the Test Mode Menu, to change from "sensor" to "joystick" iirc. That gets it working. Not sure what purpose the jumper serves in this case if it's something enabled/disabled in the settings.

      I found in Arkanoid the paddle moved way to fast with a joystick to even be playable but it moved at a reasonable speed in Puchi Carat.