Capcom Q-Sound amp help?

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      Mukuro_W wrote:

      finally I forgot to mention the CPT-003A model which was distributed here in Italy in 1996 in a few pieces, this version I think quite rare accepts 220v and 240v I never tested it, but it was present in my kit of Red Earth Eu
      i am plannung to buy this one with the amp... not sure though if all this will work fine.

      Mukuro_W wrote:

      Now I'm going to build an external volum pot, every one for channel ..
      could you perhaps share the Information About the pot mod once you are finished?
      Right now i am using this nvs 4000 psu with Sound amp in my cab but when i ad a mono pcb i have Problems with the Sound so i thought to use a normal psu for mono Sound and power the pcb and use the Q amp only for the Stereo pcb externar so that there would be perhaps no interferance