MV1B with Graphic glitches

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    • MV1B with Graphic glitches

      Finally, I fried my MV1-b...
      Long story short, it happened trying to install an Unibios V4 with a neobiosmasta board. At the same time, I was trying to understand why I couldn't access the Unibios neither the pix'n'mix menus with the sat2neo adapter I have just finished to build and hardly mapped the buttons.
      The thing is that I only own a 161in1 cart at the moment, so I can't tell if my issues come from the mainboard, or the cart... And with all this lockdown, it's hard to find a cheap MVS game just to test my board.
      Everything was working very well with my minigun supergun before. I removed the unibios but not the neobiosmasta as I am afraid to tear off the IC with the connector, and I reconnected the pad lifted.
      I assume the board is back to normal, but still gives me those weird glitches (constant colors where I should see texture) after around 30 sec of game, then getting worse until an almost black screen. Sound is still good though.

      Any idea of what can be the cause, or how I can investigate it ?

      Thank you very much for your help.
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    • Thanks Ack
      I tried several things last night : reflow the L0 ROM and other chips not too small for my skills, recap the board (not the sound side), remove the Neobiosmasta board completely, clean entirely with isopropyl alcohol. Nothing helped...
      The graphic glitches are still happening after 30-45 sec the MVS is turned on.