Rad Mobile conversion

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    • Rad Mobile conversion


      I'm after a Rad Mobile deluxe cab for sale in great condition (powers on and does the movement test) but unfortunately the main board is dead. I've been told a power surge took the board.

      I'm now wondering what options I have if I get the game in terms of converting another system32 game to rad mobile. I know it uses the smaller board, and as far as I know there are no unencrypted roms yet (at least not in the dedicated thread on this forum)

      Any ideas are certainly welcome.
    • I don't think that Rad Mobile is encrypted - the boards that are encrypted have that big squarish battery backed chip on the ROM board.

      I'm not sure but I think the general rule of thumb is that if they have a dedicated cabinet with special controls, it's not so important to encrypt them because the cabinet is effectively the copy protection