Namco Noir advice

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    • Namco Noir advice

      Hiya Group, i'm hoping someone can give me a little advice and this seems to be the most active thread for Namco noir's, I've recently got myself a naomi since using a standard jamma cab for years, I love my naomi and I'm also running a tx2 which is fantastic, however I've now got the bug and looking at getting something a bit more modern, I've looked at a few but been recommended the Namco noir V2 over the vewlix and personally I think they look better, I've got the option of 2, basically red or blue and 1 being a full tekken 7 kit, what are my main concerns? I'm not really sure ha ha but thought i'd ask here if theres anything I should know, I was told the tx2 would look a lot better on this cab so is it straight forward to connect?, also after looking at the tekken 7 it runs on the es3 if I remember right and not something you can just add more games to so is it worth the extra money (not cheap) or is it a game id quickly get bored of, I mainly play street fighter or king of fighters, but since the tx2 I've found so many others I like which I probably wouldn't have played, I'm pretty much just after something more modern game wise so any help would be much appreciated before I go spending, cheers.
    • so... sum of the short your tx2 will look steller on it. any game that is 640x480 (monitor doesnt matter) is going to look like crap no matter what you try. games with 1280x720 or higher (up to 1920x1080) look great.

      reds were made 2007 and newer... reds a gamble (V1 and V2)

      blues were made in 2011 and newer (all V2)

      Red Version 1 (A):
      florescent based top light
      sanwa monitor (1024x768, 1280x1024, 1360x768)
      has the 3.3v for jvs (4 power supplies in cabinet)

      Red and Blue Version 2 (B):
      led based top light
      wei-ya monitor (many resolutions up to 1920x1080)
      No 3.3v for jvs (3 power supplies in cabinet)

      most of the 3.3v jvs games are 640x480 so there is not a need to have the 3.3v. the computer based systems dont need the 3.3v as the computer supplies it 3.3v itself. honestly looks like namco came to the conclusion if you need 3.3v use a regulator off of the 5v. because using a adjustable 3.3v supply was not consistent enough.

      biggest flaws of the noir

      - coin handling system. when you buy one plan to clean it and collect your rebate (found in 50 and/or 100 yen coins).
      - some games dont like noir i/o (kof climax is one that gives coin errors)

      biggest plus of the noir
      - ventilation system. best circulation i have seen for a modern candy cabinet. expect to clean the cabinet as there is thick dirt and dust from great ventilation. air pulls in from front left side (next to the computer) and exits back center of the cabinet. noir has a dedicated air flow fan.

      to bunch the lindbergh in with this, namco and sega must work together too many things are similar between cabinets. the Lindbergh are even more amazing with the tx2 as it pops the 1280x1024 (great on blazblue). however the monitor caters to anime style colors and appearance. so dont run a serious game because it will look like shit. it will handle a ringedge 2 games well as all these games are designed in a cartoon style. biggest flaw the monitor doesnt handle 1920x1080. lindbergh suffers from a crappy ventilation system. the air flow is back of cabinet only. the flow to the top is because the monitor power supply pulls the already hot air from the bottom and passes it up to a small exit vent.

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    • I have a Noir and am really pleased with it, mine came from John as I expect yours is. I have the red model and did have some issues above with certain games on the X2 not running due to the Namco IO. I swapped mine out for a Sega IO as everything seems to run great with that.

      Also made up an adaptor with Books converters so I can run a PS4 which is simple to do, now I can play the new Samurai shodown on the Noir—— which is why I bought it.
    • Thank you both, very helpful information, it is from john and comes recommended, I haven't been offered a Lindbergh but to be honest I don't really like the look of them, it was mainly a toss up between a noir or vewlix, but I do prefer the style of the noir, the tekken one I was offered is a red v2 and the blue is a dedicated v2 gundam extreme version, red obviously more expensive with the game blue I'm presuming doesn't have the game, only thing putting me off the blue was the full blue speakers rather than the red metallic surrounds, but if its a better cab I can get used to that lol.

      if jvs requires 3.3 will the tx2 require something doing before I can use it, i'm hoping to find a ringedge 2 at somepoint as well, I can get a sega io 3 I think it is that mo sells from videotronics if I have those problems.

      Last thing to hopper, you say there big but do they go through a standard UK doorway, I couldn't get my naomi through so had to take it to garage and strip it before bringing it home bit by bit lol.

    • Dimensions are 815mm wide x 800mm deep with the control panel in place.
      With the control panel removed 640mm deep.

      So have a measure up first, removing the control takes about 5 minutes and is simple to do.

      Pretty sure I am not using the 3.3 Volts for anything, the TX2 runs direct from Mains power 100Volts and the Sega V3 IO runs I think from 12 Volts.
    • cheers ill go have a measure up, I think from what rocket said I may go for the blue if it's a newer machine, theres always going to be some bumps in the road, there was with my naomi but I've got it running perfect now, at least if I get this I can keep my naomi dedicated with its net dim instead of having to change systems all the time, is there any other systems you'd recommend running on this apart from consoles, i'm still learning what games run on what systems.
    • I've just been looking around and it looks like street fighter v and king of fighters xiv are tx3 and tx4 so should be compatible as well if I ever find one, but not sure if i'm going to go for the tekken 7 as I don't know a great deal about the es3 system and it's pretty pricey for one game that doesn't look to have any other games you could add, it's finding a ring edge 2 that's the problem but i'm not giving up.
    • cheers rocket, I'm definitely going for a v2 so hopefully it won't be a sanwa, i'm heading more towards the blue now as from googling that game came out after tekken 7 so if it's a dedicated cab it should be newer, I've asked if he knows any dates but I don't know if there dated at all but we'll see what he comes back with, he did say he though the blue looked a nicer machine but then we sometimes sell cars at work so i'd say a punto looked better than a Ferrari if it helped sell it :D , i'm sure he's not like that but you know what I mean.
    • dates are on the back of the coin door. also the testing i did with the sanwa today showed it is a better monitor at 1360x768 (looks great with a type x attached.) the thing is windows can identify the monitor as a sanwa. seems to have a little better control on older games but stuff designed for higher resolutions that are scaled back still doesnt look good.

      blue noirs as far as i know were heavily used for the gundam extreme games.
    • haven't seen a gold noir i only have experience with v1 red and v2 blue and reference material that v2 came out in early (late 2010 is upgraded also) 2011. if it was 2015 the internal tech should be wei-ya unless they improved on it. but from what i have seen the wei-ya handles the 1920x1080. i can only guess the internals of the gold noir would be the same as other v2. if not then the specs would have to be better.

      lets not forget the white noir. it was also early 2011 with dragon ball z.

      so looking at ps3 wiki only tekken 6 and 6br original cabinets were made in 2007 and 2008. then there was a long pause to 2011(late 2010) when gundam and dragon ball z came out (which mine are dated late 2010 and early 2011).

      ok this answers it. there was a deluxe gold and a standard red…new-screenshots-released/ and

      question is did these get a monitor upgrade?

      sorry the tekken 7fr pic didnt post right but i am wondering if it was tekken 7fr where the noir cabinet hd logo changed.
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    • Dk310 wrote:

      I've purchased the gold noir and will be getting it in June. So I'll try to look into it as well.
      Blancs are so cool, but that header is CRAZY TALL!
      let me know if it has a different monitor i am curious. congrats on the gold. also yes your right 2015 would likely be the year on your gold noir.

      "There will be two available arcade machines for operators, one priced at 1,680,000 yen and one which has the price tag of 1,198,000 yen." looks like your gold was origionally around $16,800.
    • Wow you really know your stuff when it comes to these cabinets, I love the look of the white and gold ones but not seen any of those around, I'm still waiting for a reply on the other cabs to see if he comes back with any dates but he seems to have gone quiet so I don't know what's happening there, I'll still be on the look out for one of these though as I do think they look one of the best cabs.
    • Dk310 wrote:

      the blanc, is literally a 1080p white noir correct?
      yes it should have the led top(was wrong has florescent) and wei-ya 1920x1080 monitor(does have the wei-ya monitor). If it doesnt have the led top. Make sure to check the monitor

      also included a pic of the std connect board with the v2 power board (this is also from a blanc).
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      • v2 power.jpeg

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