Shove Naomi stuff into small pc case

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    • Shove Naomi stuff into small pc case

      I guess this goes here. I thought this case was smaller but I guess it will do. It was $30 so I can’t complain. Idea is to shove sun psu, jvs i/o, mitsu’s jvs helper board and whatever else I think of into a case the Naomi can sit on to tidy up the setup. I’m adapting controls to neo pinout since I already did that for a lot of fightsticks to my supergun setup. Steps

      pull mounting plates off sun psu. Was not too bad, just use some pliers and go back and forth and they snap off. Once you do it fits the atx standard.

      wire sun psu ac connector to power switch with led. Used a switch from a American dj pc-100a. Works fine. I ordered some replacements. I use the pc-100a all over the place and had one with a bad switch so I pulled one out of it while I wait for replacements to fix it.

      mount piece of wood in case. I had some longer screws that fit the motherboard standoff things so I just drilled some little holes and mounted a piece of wood. I like that to just screw down whatever wherever.

      Screw down jvs i/o and the jvs helper board

      adapted usb female to usb b. I had a pci slot usb thing so wired that to usb b and plugged into the jvs i/o. So I can plug the Naomi usb to that port when I use this thing. I wanted it to be easy to disconnect the Naomi from the rest of it because I can also shove a Naomi into an arcade cabinet.

      wire db25 outputs on the helper board to Sockets on the pc case. I’m using db25 breakout boards to make this easier. Wiring main controls to db15 neo. Wiring b7, aux1 and aux2 On both players to a connector so I can make harness to use those if needed. Wiring a connector for the analog controls for when I get around to connecting a steering wheel and pedals.

      Wire Ethernet to kick harness on supergun fightsticks. My fightsticks have a 4 pin connector for the kick harness so I need a way to get buttons 4,5,6 into the Naomi. I figure Ethernet will be fine for that.

      I’m waiting on some connectors to extend the Naomi power connectors so I can run that from inside the case to the Naomi. They just had to make that wiring short as hell.

      Put two holes on the front of the case for service and test buttons.

      I think that is it but I’m just around half way through so who knows. Fun stuff so far.
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    • Will do. Here is the case I’m using. Anything that will take an atx psu will probably do

      power switch, I’m using something like this but it has 4 terminals. This has 6 and will do the same thing. Switches ac and has an led. I don’t like how the sun psu doesn’t have a switch.…89XW-604AA2/dp/B07HG3P38M

      The case has front port usb 3 and 2 usb 2. So I could have used one of those for my Naomi to jvs i/o usb run, but I decided I wanted it on the back so used a pci usb plate. Seems kind of hard to find a one port one. I happened to have a 2 port and removed one of the connectors because I want this dead simple.

      One thing I like about this case is the front plastic is easy to work with making holes and I used some small rasps to make the rectangle hole for the power switch. It was really easy. I highly recommend something like this for anyone doing this sort of project where you want to snap in components like buttons and switches. I keep finding uses for little rasps and files. Also having a few hole saws is handy for buttons.…ing-Package/dp/B0773K29J3

      When I get the Naomi power connectors I’ll document that.

      Here are the db25 breakout connectors I plan to use. I could just cut a cable but this will make troubleshooting and rewiring (If I need to) much less of a pain.…le-Breakout/dp/B075HW3ZD1
    • Got parts to make power extension harness to get it out of the case and up to the Naomi. Wired the third connector to power the jvs board. Got db25 breakout boards ready to go. So I’m pretty close. Just need to wire up the dB25 breakout to the various connectors I’ll use on the outside.
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    • Finished player 1. Added a switch for earth ground because the switch I have just switches two terminals. Made some harness for the p1, p2, kick harness with connectors to make it easy to troubleshoot. Works great. This case is pretty big really but it was easy to work with. I put some screws through the top part to lock the Naomi down using the Naomi plastic bracket things. So it becomes a pretty big unit but I still much perfer this over cables and pcbs everywhere. Still need to wire up player 2, my kick harness and some ports for the analog controls. I labeled the hell out of the harness which usually seems to pay off eventually when I overlabel stuff.
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    • Wired p1 kick harness and tested with mvc2. Works fine. I had to think about buttons a bit. I originally wired some fightsticks to neo pinout for use with my supergun and I left a connector for the first three buttons on the bottom row so I can adapt kick harness as needed. So for this I’m sending buttons 1 to 4 through the neo connector and I’m sending the bottom 3 buttons to buttons 4,5,6. So I have two button 4. It worked fine in mvc2. This seems like the best way I could think of to have 4 buttons comfortable to use for neo and other 4 button games and still work for the traditional 6 button layout. I don’t have b7 available. No idea what games use it, but I plan to stick it on an output connector in case I need it for something. Not sure yet what port type I’m going to use for analog controls.
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    • I thought of more stuff to shove in the case. First a little vga split box so I can do what I’m doing in the above post running vertical and horizontal at the same time because why not? Also I am planning to put Dreamcast controller ports available since a decent number of games support it. I have some of mitsu’s maple adapters which I’ll probably use for this and make my own harness back to the naomi maple connectors. I want this thing to be the ultimate Naomi box. Ordered a wheel that is easy to adapt for the initial d games. I also plan to get the serial to usb working to emulate the card readers.

      here is a question if anyone knows. Is the only way to get 3p/4p for powerstone 2 through the Capcom I/o? Or can I get to those controls through the jvs i/o?

      another question, can I just toss the link board between the dimm and Naomi and leave it and it’s fine for any game? Eventually I want to link 2 initial d3

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    • Alright. Shoved more shit in the case! Got a little extron vga splitter so when I want to run Tate and horizontal at the same time I can. It wanted 12v so I pulled that off the sun psu, works great. The splitter cost $7 shipped. I’m sure it is better than some splitter cable doing the same thing and probably cheaper. Also shoved my little netgear switch in the 3.5” bay cause why not. When I NetBoot shit I get nice blinky lights on the front so I know shit is happening. The network switch wants 7.5v 1amp. Sun psu does not produce that and really why is a little 5 port switch pulling 1 amp? Beats me so I made a connector for it. So I have two plugs so far for the whole setup, No big deal.

      Mounted mitsu’s maple adapter for Dreamcast controllers to the front of the case. I need to run harness back to the naomi, not sure what I’ll use yet. 8 lines so maybe Ethernet again.

      still need to figure analog control ports but this thing is getting close.

      every 5 seconds I get lights on the network switch. Python script keeping the connection alive because I have a bad zero key or some other issue where I need that script to keep games going.

      looking at this thing even after the work of putting all this stuff in a case there is a lot of ports and buttons an a fair number of cables and I’m not done yet. It makes me realize if I didn’t do this I would hardly ever pull out all this naomi stuff to play it.
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    • Stupid Dufus wrote:

      Geddon wrote:

      here is a question if anyone knows. Is the only way to get 3p/4p for powerstone 2 through the Capcom I/o? Or can I get to those controls through the jvs i/o?
      You know, I haven't tried yet, but I think so? There's a little switch you can toggle in the Capcom I/O between 6-button and 3/4-player that you'd definitely need to switch.
      I know for sure Capcom I/o will do it. I’m just wondering if that is required. If there is a way to do it through jvs 1.5 I’ll integrate it into this project. Along with any other 4p games on one system but powerstone 2 might be the only one.