Arcade games that support an optional, unique second screen

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    • Since the subforum is 'Jamma and pre-Jamma', maybe that's where we should draw the line? Otherwise you can add stuff like MaiMai, IIDX and all sorts of other junk to the list.

      JoeAwesome wrote:

      nem, how did you wire the Hoops harness? Do you know the AUX connector so I can make my own (or ask to be made ;) )?

      I'm not sure what the official connector is. I'm guessing it's JST RA, but I could be wrong.

      This said, it is standard 2.54mm pitch, so you don't have to use the official connector. Personally, I just quickfired a makeshift harness with Dupont connectors. You could use Dupont, JST RA, or even any 50-pin IDC ribbon cable and just hack off the end.
    • I added 'optional' before unique to drive across the point that all the games can be played with one screen, but have additional elements if you wire them up to a second screen. That was my (somewhat badly worded) original intent of the thread. I then deleted a ton of games from the list. Stuff like Darius is super cool, but the second and third screens aren't optional at all. There's a list for them, but this isn't it :P

      Anyone want to contest any of the games on the list or can think of others that belong on it? I tried a few of them on Mame. Touch And Go definitely belongs on the list, it works exactly like Hoops.