Namco Exceleena 1 + 2 cabinets.

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    • I'm not overly squeemish but i really wasn't expecting that.. pretty sure it WAS a mouse. It seems to have gotten stuck in the hole..... That would have STUNK at some stage. I'd say it's been there a long time. The date preservation thing makes me happy :)

      Anyways, I got rid of the mouse.

      The plan is to disinfect everything, submerge it in a bucket of disinfectant water then wipe/rinse, or if it cant be submerged, i've got some wipes which will kill stuff.

      Cab outside before scrub

      So, the clean up needed to start. I removed all the bits out of the cab, and i took the main cabinet outside into the laneway behind my place. I got a bucket with hospital grade disinfectant, gloves and a scrubbing brush on a stick, and scrubbed the insides.... multiple times. Then I got boiling water with more disinfectant and rinsed the whole cab out. Then I got more disinfectant, a cloth and a plastic scourer and I went to work on scrubbing the whole cab inside and out.

      The insides came up really well and i feel safe touching the insides now!

      I had to dry it, there's a lot of spots that water can get in and are hard to get out, between joins and such, so i used a heater to let it dry. I would have left it outside in the sun for a few hours, but i dont have a yard and i can't leave it in the laneway behind my house. So heater it is, to make sure no water remains in the joins.

      Getting onto the parts.

      Credit Board BEFORE (identical to Exceleena 1)

      Credit Board AFTER a bath.

      This is the little box at the back of the cab where the power cable enters. See that square with the metal panel, the little panel was off in the cab. I'd say that's how the mouse got in there. The metal panel was in the cab on the floor, so i put it back on there... no more mouseys.

      Side panel before... i feel like if you had an old phone from the late 70s, or early 80s, it would be this colour plastic.

      Side panel after a clean. They came up ok, still scratched but the marks came off.
    • Here's an inside pic after I put some pieces back together.

      That hole....

      The header box taken apart and cleaned. It looks a bit crappy but it did come up pretty nice. I'll need to find the starter for the light fixture... it's a really odd starter, but i hope it's the same one from the Exceleena 1 so I can track it down.

      Header box installed.

      Here's another pic of the inside where it's at right now. You can see the parts on the floor where it was rusty, I had some metallic silver hobby paint here so i just painted over those spots because the rusty spots were pretty unsightly. It's not the best match, because the floor is actually silver with white overspray, but it's much better than rust. It reflects a lot in this pic, it doesn't stand out anywhere near that much in person.
    • I just want this to be over already......

      I got a parcel yesterday with my shiny new Naomi 2 motherboard in it, so of course I goto my Atomiswave SD cabinet to play it in.. the Atomiswave cab sits just next to this one. So i'm sitting there plugging in the Naomi, and i smell something....... I know the smell straight away, it's a dead mouse like smell. Just a hint of it, but i know that smell...... Ok.... i'm immediately having flashbacks of mickeys alien corpse.... i leaned into the Exceleena II cab.... yep, it's definitely coming from inside the cab.... I mean, at this point, there's basically nothing in the cab. It's been sitting 2 days since i cleaned it out. I look around the cab to work out what the hell could be causing it... and then i look at the hole where the mouse was... I leaned the cab over and looked at the underside of the cab. FUCK...

      This hole here.... where the dead mouses rotting corpse was stuck. That hole doesn't go right through. It goes into a box under the cabinet, where the stoppers thread into, but there's no access... other than those two little holes.

      This box here It's hollow... about 4cm x 3cm...... I had a smell around there...... yes, this is definitely where the smell was coming from. So, there's obviously something in this box, that didn't smell before, but since i washed the whole cab out, the water has got in there and... well.... it's revitalised something that smells disgusting. If you've ever smelled dead mouse before, it's such a horrible smell. So now i need to work out a way to get into this box, i'm going to have to drill out some welds and rivets. At this point... I AM DONE!!!!! This cab can just go out on the street for all I care. Wtf am i going to find in here...... Anyways, i got the drill out. This is just a stupid design to have this box with no way to remove it.

      So I drilled those weld spots marked above and i still couldn't get into the box. I couldn't get any leverage on it...the welds didn't give like i thoguht they would so i had to get rough with the hammer and screwdriver. At this point, i'm working right in front of whatever smells disgusting... it's so bad, it's like... dry reaching bad smell. just F' MY LIFE right now, and i'm blindly jabbing the screwdriver in here, with no idea what i'm going to stab into. I'm half expecting to find a nest of dead rotting mice or something.

      Progress... and at this point the smell is so strong, i have to get a mask on, i just cant work around the smell now.

      NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.... JUST NO.......What in gods name fuck is this.... I actually have no idea what that is, but holy shit it stinks. The welds i drilled finally broke as i was bending with the screwdriver

      I have no idea what it is, but i really have no idea why it smelled so bad. Oh yeah, and that stick looking thing on the left hand side, that's the rest of the spinal chord from the mouse corpse i pulled out, it broke off as i was removed that little alien.

      Here's what it looks like after a scrub, disinfectant and a scrub... ERK

      I can't tell you how done I am right now with this machine. Looking at these pics reminds me of the smell.. I still have to disinfect the bottom of the cab where this ca me from... i guess looking at the bright side, there is no other hiding spots now, so at least i know there won't be any more surprises like this... but i still HATE this cabinet.
    • Back at it... I had a camera malfunction and it seems i've lost a bunch of photos I took in between things... so some of the progress shots are gone.

      Picking up where i left off above though, here's what that rusty metal bit looks like now that it's all painted and attached back to the cab. I got the power drill and wire brush onto it, cleaned all the rust, fixed it being bent and painted it up. Then I got some nice chrome low profile dome head screws and screwed it back on where i had drilled the welds out. It looks fine now! You can see it re-attached to the cab below.

      Now i'm up to the PSU. I decided to recap the PSU, just because it looked like it had never been done. If you want a guide on recapping, check this link. Recapping this PSU is not exactly a hard job, but this link is a great reference to make your life easier for getting the right capacitors.
      Namco Exceleena PSU Recap

      PSU.. dirty!

      Nicibitsu PS (switching power supply rated) caps. (note, there is enough for 2 PSU's in that pic, i had to recap two psu's.

      So the top of the board looks ok, a little burnt, but overall looks fine, but when you remove the board and look at the underside.... I was a little worried at this point, almost to the point where i was going to try clean the underside of the pcb and just not do the recap.... but i couldn't do that. I'd come this far.... Anyways, i managed to fix it up a fair bit, it's not as bad as it looks due to the design of what connects where.. basically the areas where the corrosion is and it looks like you have to be careful about joining things up, are all joined up anyways, so it's no way near as bad as it looks... I hope.

      I replaced all the caps and cleaned the board up, also reapplied thermal paste to the heatsinks. Plugged it into the cabinet, powered it on and tested the jamma edge connector, 5v -5v are fine, and the 12v is running around 11.5v, which is slightly lower than it was running before, it was around 11.7 before. I can't test any further than this at this stage because i don't have the monitor chassis here, it's being serviced, but it didn't go up in smoke... which is good!

    • Here's the underside of the control panel. Just a word of warning here, the plastics on this are somewhat brittle. All of those metal brackets you see going across the panel they act as a brace so this panel can't flex around.

      They're all the guides that lock the control panel into place to the rest of the cabinet. So this means two things...
      1. if you remove those brackets, your control panel will be very flimsy and it will crack very easily. Make sure you have all the screws in your panel, if you are missing screws, it will make cracking more likely.
      2. When you are locking the control panel into place, sometimes you have to force it in pretty hard... this puts a lot of shock into these metal brackets, that gets transferred into the plastic posts on the panel where the screws are... you can see one of my screws are missing on the left, that's because the post is broken. You need to make sure that the little hooks on the metal bracket are not bent, and also the slots on your cabinet where these hooks go into are also not bent. If you make sure it's all aligned properly, when you slide the control panel in, it will slide in nice and easy and you won't have to shove it in, which will stress the plastics on this panel even more. The control panel being screwed down also acts as an even further brace to those metal bars. So just make sure all your screws are in the brackets and all the screws in the control panel are in. DONT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS!! You will break the screw posts very easy, just do it all up lightly tight.

      I also gave the panel a good clean.

      Next up, the bezel. The inside of the bezel was covered in this black... stuff. It was really difficult to get off, a lot of scrubbing needed. I didn't want to use a scotch pad as it would scratch the plastics, so i just used some cleaning wipes and a bit of elbow grease. You can see the black stuff on the left, i already started cleaning it in this picture.

      Clean and not so clean.

      I painted the inside of the control panel as well, the bottom half. The grey colour was nothing like what it looked like on the lid of the paint! I can't say i love the colour, but it's a strong rust protectant and it's fresh now! The inside was wire brush to remove rust, then sanded and painted.



      Anyways.... an hour or so later after scrubbing the bezel.

      This is where the cab sits at the moment.



      Seriously stoked with how well this has come up from where it started. It was a real mess when i got it, now i at least feel happy to own the cabinet and am happy to go touching around inside the cab!! I'm just waiting on the light starter and the chassis to come back to me now, i had it serviced (caps and a clean) and it should be back next week, then i can reinstall the monitor again and hopefully everything is working again!

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    • Awesome write-up. Really enjoying reading this.

      kulateam wrote:

      This hole here.... where the dead mouses rotting corpse was stuck. That hole doesn't go right through. It goes into a box under the cabinet, where the stoppers thread into, but there's no access... other than those two little holes.

      A lot of cabs have similar boxes. That's right, your cab too most likely has a fun little burial chamber for bugs, mice and who knows what else! Haha, what lurks behind view!
    • nem wrote:

      Awesome write-up. Really enjoying reading this.

      kulateam wrote:

      This hole here.... where the dead mouses rotting corpse was stuck. That hole doesn't go right through. It goes into a box under the cabinet, where the stoppers thread into, but there's no access... other than those two little holes.
      A lot of cabs have similar boxes. That's right, your cab too most likely has a fun little burial chamber for bugs, mice and who knows what else! Haha, what lurks behind view!

      Thanks! It's been a lot more work than I had anticipated. If I knew then what I know now, i probably would have just swapped the control panel and reflipped the cab. I'm invested in it now though, so I will see it through, and it is actually really nice how good it's looking now. It actually looks better than the picture shows. The flash on the red plastic shows a lot of scratches that aren't anywhere near that bad in person. I have a largish collection of vertical orientation LS-30 rotary game pcb's that I haven't been able to play for many many years now, so this cab will remain vertical to play those games. I'll be hooking up the LS-30 sticks when It's finished.

      My cab doesn't have the burial chamber anymore! I can get into it now and i've filled those two holes that were the access holes. Dead things BE GONE!
    • Thanks for the comments :) I enjoy reading a lot of the detailed posts i find on forums, and try to contribute back where i can!

      I knew i had missed a few things, so i will jump back a few steps now.

      The lower part of the control panel, that was pretty rusted, i missed a few pics of that one.


      DURING - This is after giving it a wash and wire wheel with the power drill. Difficult to get all the rust out of those tight spots with the wheel, but i managed mostly ok

      AFTER - This will probably get painted again, a more similar colour to the grey on the rest of the panel. For now it stays this colour though. The main thing is, it's protected from rust, and it's clean.

      Next up is the control box, it has the wiring for test, service, volume, on off switch etc. It also has another plate that sits inside here where the PSU sits.

      Here's the box as I pulled it out of the cab, it was pretty dirty. It was in need of a good soak with some disinfectant for all of the components.

      I carefully removed all the parts, then i gave the metal bracket a clean. This is as good as it comes up without more restorative work. I was happy to leave it as it is. Will never be able to get the liquid stain out of the paper sticker so it stays.

      Here's what it looks like all back together after the wiring harness was soaked for an hour or so then scrubbed.

    • I got the chassis returned today, so this is the final piece before I can put it all back together now.

      Here's a few pics before and after.

      Chassis BEFORE - as you can see... it's filthy.

      I sent it off to our resident Australian monitor expert (Jomac), here's what he sent me back! :)

      Also the picture tube was pretty dirty. I gave it a full wipe down to clean all the black dusty crap off it, also lightly dusted the neck with a soft paint brush and light vacuum. It came up pretty well.


      Anyways, I'll update later tonight to see if i can plug it all back together and it works properly!
    • kulateam wrote:

      These cabs are really really hard to find any kind of parts for...
      Since you're in Oz just know they are very common in NZ. Shipping parts should be reasonnable.
      Looking for:
      - faulty Hang-On, Space Harrier or Enduro Racer (2203 sound board)
      - Sega Mega-CD 1 power board
      - Super Nintendo CPU (3 needed)

      "I'd 1cc games but I have a real life."
      01010011 01000101 01000011 01010010 01000101 01010100 00100000 01001101 01000101 01001110 01010101 00100000 01000111 01010101 01011001
    • They’re common in Australia too @Apocalypse - definitely the most frequent candy style cab to appear of eBay out here.
      Multis: CPS-1, CPS-2, CPS-3, F3, S16, ST-V, MVS, AES, M72, Crystal System, G-Net, Naomi, TTX2
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      PCBs: VAPS Profile
    • They are not as frequent as they might have once been. I've been trying to source an undamaged/undrilled control panel out of NZ but still can't find one. It's ok, i'm in no rush. Alberto can make some really nice reproductions when the world starts shipping again.

      I saw the CP on trademe at the moment but it's got holes drilled in the control panel to mount the sticks. There's also a nice cab on trademe... but... you know.... oceans and stuff.
    • FINALLY got around to taking pics of the completed cabs.

      I just have to get a replacement panel for the Exceleena 2 cab, which i'll get from Alberto. For now I just have the hacky one on there.

      Also since i put it back together i now have crazy wavy interference in the video... grounding issues, so i just haven't had a chance to look into that. I think i ran the power and video data cables together when i was trying to tidy up all the cables.

      Anyways, here's what the almost finished product looks like. All the time i've spent on these cabs now... i'm pretty attached to them. Going to be hard to let the red one go if I finally do!

      Making good use of the vertical screen whilst i have it to play all my vertical rotary boards.