Namco System 2 STEEL GUNNER Board Issue

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    • Namco System 2 STEEL GUNNER Board Issue


      I buy a Steel Gunner PCB recently. PCB was working before sending (saw pics and video).
      Package was good and nothing really noticeable. But...

      At start, the self-test mode tells " 31 TIP ".
      After, that ask "press start", and goes to a blue square and nothing.

      I take times to clean the board. And reseated all the socketed IC’s. Made a visual inspection, and don't see anything specific.
      I could try to get another Namco System 2 board to swap CPU board. But in this case i assume it's the video board that is wrong no?

      Any advice from some of you?
      The manual doesn’t show the self-test mode codes and match answers... Is there a way to know what is 31 TIP error?

      Got a few tools but i'm basic, and not good in programmers etc...


      Repairs (already before shipping)

      Video of Self-Test issue