Pandora's Palace - Konami 1983 PCB - No Sound

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    • Pandora's Palace - Konami 1983 PCB - No Sound

      Hello all,

      Please excuse the noob question in advance. I have a 1983 Konami Pandora's Palace PCB and the game functions perfectly with the exception of no sound. I'm not super familiar with the construction of a Konami classic board, is this something that is easy to DIY repair? If so, what would be the needed parts or troubleshooting recommendations you would have? Thanks for any help you can provide.
    • Well, since that checks out, check this stuff next:

      Pandora’s Palace is not jamma, so what kind of Jamma adapter are you using? Did you buy it or build it? Make sure it has -5 and 12 volt lines and that they are indeed reaching the board.

      How does the boards edge connector look? Any burn marks? Discolored or dull and dark pins? Nice clean and shiny contacts?

      Look carefully over the sound section of the board; anything in the area of the audio amplifier. Check the capacitors in the area, any bulging or dried up or leaking? Audio Amp has heat sink and looks good? Solder points on the back look good? No cold or broken joints? Any damaged traces in that area as well? Sound potentiometer still present, turns both directions and looks ok?

      All socketed chips seated properly with all pins making contact? Ribbon cables securely plugged in? Any empty ROM sockets that should be populated? (sound eprom is present and looks good)

      Failing all the above, feel free to contact me and sell me the board if you like. I’ll gladly buy it from you as-is.
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