Capcom Big Blue Restoration, Need help

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    • Capcom Big Blue Restoration, Need help

      So Some back story on what I have and what is going on,
      I got 2 Capcom cabinets one is the japanese Q25 candy cab it works no problems its just the 1 player version control panel and i will need to fabricate and weld up a new control panel to make my own 2 player. they got the control panel overlay for that and that's just my only problem with it, and the newest one I just got a few days ago is the USA Big Blue Capcom cabinet with the full big Marquee the one piece version cabinet,

      Well I have been restoring the big blue, it came with a Taito f3 puzzle bobble 3 usa version motherboard and game, it works and plays with sound. The operator or previous owner did some hack job to get that game to work in that cabinet and now I own it and I'm trying to fix it back for CPS2 game hardware.

      The Cabinet was missing the Qsound amp and transformer and the wiring was missing in spots like for the coin door and the service button not being wired up and there was no kick harness. I will have to redo the Jamma and kick harnesses completely because I don't like Hacked up wiring jobs in my stuff and I only want to play CPS2 game hardware on it.

      So the problem I ran into today is that when I put in a Gray Asia Version game the system boots up it plays but the sound is crackling and sounds horrible, now I have 3 different gray A motherboards and 3 different B game boards to test with I even have the all in one black japan MvsC board, They all do the same thing, one game tripped the power GFCI when I pushed the volume button on the cabinet.

      Now its not the speakers because I also have 2 blue USA games with there own A boards and 1 green Japan with its own green japan A board. and they work 100% not problems at all.

      So the question I have is, is this problem a Gray and All black games system only because Asia uses less power volts on there electronics, there 100v vs the 120v that is used in the USA? Or is this a wiring problem with the Qsound amp and its transformer i installed? now it works just fine with all the Blue and Green game Systems. I'm just confused and I cant find the information about the wiring for Qsound amp and transformer for this cabinet and no one has done a youtube about the qsound amp and shown the installing of it.

      The other thing i did was I tried all the games in my Q25 capcom cabinet and they work just fine the only thing is that, that cabinet has the Qsound but it doesn't work or is not hook up it has a mono plug for it and they have the sound on both speakers and thats is the sound for it. at some point I will need to see what the perverse owner did to that and fix it back to real Qsound.

      any help on this will be great and I hope that this problem I'm having with my system can help others that may have this type of problem with there cabinet and maybe some one can do a few youtube videos about the Qsound and the amp in the Big Blue cabinets and how it is wired up. It is better to learn from watching the process. Either way there needs to be more videos on the Big blues!
    • "update" the sound it makes is like a machine gun it fires off a few rounds and then you get good sound for a few seconds then back to the machine gun sounds.

      I also have been trying different wire combinations but end up blowing the 6a 125v fuse on the Qsound amp board and the transformer had a little smoke come out from it. I changed the fuse and put the wires back to the way I had it before and it turns on and sames to be stable. but now the sounds is doing the same thing on all of the cps2 systems. So i think I will gut the qsound altogether and go with a different sound setup I cant find a manual in English with the wire setup and this whole thing is to confusion for me to figure out without info.

      I'm not understanding the color wires on the amp transformer they have 4 wires

      White "OV" __Gray "125v" __Green "E"__Black"100v"

      the cabinet has only 3 wires hooked up White Green Black.

      now I have tried to hook them up in that oder with the colors matching and I get no Sound at all like that, then I tried to hook up the gray to the black on the cabinet and I got sound for the USA boards but not on the All in one board and the Asia boards. then i tried a few other things and ended up blowing a fuse on the amp board. and now I have the same problem on all boards in the big blue cabinet. all the games work in the other arcade machine.

      I don't Understand what the "OV" means for the white?? and the gray 125 is not even hooked up in the q25 capcom candy cabinet. so I don't understand why it was made with 4 wires when you only have 3 hooked up??

      well I think I had enough of thinking about this setup I just want to play the games this is just to stressful to figure out on my own. So I will go with a mini amp setup or something that I can just add a molex connector to the plug and just hook up the Audio cables too.

      if anyone has info about this just post it up here and if that happens I will give it a try but for now I'm done thinking about it.
      Thanks everyone Peace!
    • Okay I fixed the problem it turned out its the speakers, something is bad in there not sure if its fixable or if they need to be replaced, the volume can only be so high before it starts the machine gun sounds. I don't know if there are repair kits for them but I will see if I can re-speaker the boxes. for now I will leave it alone until I have replacements.
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