Help setting up Taito Type X2

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    • Help setting up Taito Type X2

      Hey everyone, fresh to the world of arcade and such, but because I’m a fan of HL2, I went ahead and picked this up a while back.

      No real knowledge of the hardware, and finding info seems scant at best. And came with no manuals of any sort. I've search for any form of setup/manuals and can't seem to find much at all, probably as it was only for a few titles?

      What hardware would I need to get this running? As I don't have any arcade hardware, and just want to be able to boot and verify this actually works. Do I need a Supergun to work with this, and if so is there a specific one to to connect with TTX? Or are there additional things to get this up and running? I'd assume a power supply for the I/O board also, just unsure what ports do what on it honestly.

      My understanding is that the loose board will need to connect via USB to the JAMMA USB port on the machine, but then I’d need a supergun to connect inputs to act as the arcade hardware, this correct?

      Any help is greatly appreciated, figured I'd take the time during the lockdown to get this working.
    • Well, as is you can plug it into the wall and hook it up to a monitor and hope to see an I/O error screen.

      If your X2 has an HL2 drive/dongle (or even if that's just your end goal), then you're going to need to pick up the proper I/O, fancy left-hand HL joystick, and uh, right-hand joystick, ha.

      HL2 is not standard controls, a supergun is not going to help you here.

      This is the IO you need:

      And here are the two analog joystick things you'll have to hunt down:
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    • Thank you for this!

      I've tried starting up the machine, connecting by VGA (with a VGA to HDMI cable), and nothing is coming up. Maybe VGA to HDMI doesn't work here?

      ALSO wow I forgot to include the image, which would probably help....I've got the I/O card, does this require it's own independent power? And are there anyways to emulate controls etc? Or is it all propriety?
    • Here is the Pinout for the JVS board:

      Some discussion of these units in this thread: Brand New Taito Type X+ w/ U-JVS + Half Life 2

      So it should boot straight up with or without the I/O attached. Try another cable/setup.

      doozer wrote:

      The game boots, but throws an I/O error (-3) without the JVS board connected. Once I powered up the JVS board and connected it, the game starts with no problems.
      It appears no dongle is necessary.
    • I wouldn't expect VGA to HDMI to work. Does the video card not have DVI? I think the game might want to get a valid EDID on boot, I know some TypeX games do this (like Battle Fantasia), but not sure this is the case with HL. Pictures would be helpful!

      Also, paging @Derick2k, since I vaguely remember him having a complete setup. He might be able to help!