manual/pinouts required for Sega PCB 837-15083

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    • manual/pinouts required for Sega PCB 837-15083

      Found this in the bottom of a box of Sega JVS PCB's - can't find any info on google, looks like some kind of JVS PCB only markings on it are the ones for the ports and the part number "837-15083" I'm sure it was in the box with some V3 JVS PCB's I bought as a job lot.

      I have the 60-pin connector for it and it has start, service, coin,test,meter and some of the fire buttons for P1 connected.

      Not sure if there should be a cap next to the power connector on top right corner and dip 2 is on, rest off.

      The large chip is labelled - Toshiba TMPM330FYFG, Japan 1137 HAL, 645005 ARM (315-6639A)